I picked up the book from the shelf, the title ‘THE LAZY MAN’S WAY TO RICHES’ had clearly drawn me to the book.
Is there really a lazy man’s way to riches? I asked myself as I dropped the book and continued my scouting.
My legs were moving but my head didn’t. It was fixed on the book.
What if there’s really a lazy man’s way to riches? My brain asked me
*don’t ask me how that happened*
Would you not like to know? It continued.
Sure I would, I replied as I picked up the book. Reading was one of the few hobbies I had left, as my drive to be financially independent had successfully ‘murdered’ everything called a hobby -save reading and eating- The drive had even altered my reading taste from novels to business and financial books.
-We must make this money- *smiles*
I curled on my bed armed with my pen with which I planned to use to underline the important concepts I hoped to find in the book and I began to devour this book voraciously with these burning questions and thoughts on my mind.
Must everyone slave to get money?
So, there’s a lazy man’s way to making money?
Why did it take me so long to hear this?
Don’t blame a brother *smiles*
Fast forward 8 years after and I can tell you truthfully like a priest to his church – there’s no lazy man’s way to riches- but I’ll quickly add that if you stop reading right now, you would miss one of the biggest truths walking on the face of the earth.
Its the reason Dangote has a Yacht and Boboti still carries concrete, its why Bill Gates can give millions away to charity and Governor ChopBelleBurst stashes millions away in 42 different accounts.
I can go on and on but the bottom-line is that, its the reason the rich is RICH and the poor is poor.
If you’re still here I’m sure you’ve earned the right to know what this Truth I’ve been circling for the past 10 seconds is all about – its called SELECTIVE PERCEPTION.
This Truth suggests (and rightly so) that you selectively perceive what your subconscious is searching for.
Did you just buy a new pair of ‘badt’ shoes and just then it seemed every girl had same shoes on their feet??
(badt baedt adj, n, adv 1. Very good quality 2. Excellent)
*! Advanced Dictionary*
Or probably you just got yourself a nice toyota matrix car and all of a sudden, the road is filled with toyota matrix cars?
And if these two examples don’t click, check out this third; you’re pregnant or maybe your wife is pregnant or you’re probably caring for a pregnant sister, don’t you just wonder how all of a sudden you begin to run across pregnant women everywhere you turn to?
I’m sure you get the gist
SELECTIVE PERCEPTION – you selectively perceive what your subconscious is searching for

*Now— what do you do with this definition? Check back soon for tips on how to explore this Truth called Selective Perception*

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