This is one piece I can’t help but smile about even before stringing twenty words together .
Its one piece that will see your face contorted in several funny expressions before you’re through, but I can assure you that like a plate of sweet jollof rice, you’ll be digging deep into the piece until you read the very last word
It was DMT toilets that popularized the saying, ‘Shit business is serious business and with the kind of money they have visibly made from shit, you can’t contest that fact.
However shit business is not just serious business, its a lot more and I’ll prove it.
Shit Business is … Smelly Business
Do I really need to prove this, don’t you already know this?
The 10 meter lobby from my office opens out into a staircase that links the first floor of my office block with the reception that just sits underneath a block of toilet with 4 water closets.
As I approached the staircase, I could hear the officer at the reception complaining bitterly, ‘ Na who dey that toilet oh?’, he cried out with a voice laden with pain.
My face creased into a smile – people who know me actually say I don’t stop smiling, the smile only just gets bigger –
Some 10 steps away from the staircase, I saw a lady running down the staircase presumably away from the smell – Jesus! – I heard her scream.
Thank God my nose is kinda blind, deaf and dumb to smells I told myself as I approached the staircase.
As I climbed down the first step, it hit me – baam!!!-
My nose didn’t pick it, all of my other sensory organs did.
My ears was deafened by it, my eyes blinded by it and my mouth tasted of bile –
Yes! The permanent smile disappeared from my face, replaced at once by a look that resembles the look right now on your face. *smiles* the look on your face before you just smiled.
*more smiles*
‘I must see who be this?’ The officer at the reception swore to himself as I quickened my steps out from the war zone
Don’t ask me who it was because I didn’t wait to find out
*what’s my business with that?*
Shit business is surely a smelly business

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  1. I smiled and still smiling because a merry heart keeps the body and mind healthy.

    There must have been a time when you finished from the toilet and you asked yourself what did I eat? Shit business.

    So times like this just smile and remember your own act.


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