Selective Perception is not a newly discovered, laboratory manufactured concept. Its been around for a long time.
As a man thinketh so is he
Those ‘7 words’ found in the bible have so much power but because we are so used to just quoting stuffs off the cuffs we fail to see the power we throw around in our everyday lingo
I’m always shocked how so many people expect to be poor and then act surprised that they are infact poor.
*New theory of Madness*
Selective Perception is based on the superior truth of those ‘7 words’ – its an inside out approach to riches.
Think Rich…See Rich…Be Rich!
*so simple it sounds fake…right?!*
That’s exactly why its the Lazy man’s way to riches because ‘Thinking is a capital every human has within his reach’, but sadly enough, it is one rarely used.
When asked what his success secrets were in a local newspaper, Africa’s richest man, Dangote listed 10 secrets but the first of the lot was;
See and maximize opportunities.
Trust me, you can’t and won’t see anything, if you don’t Think!
The eyes are useless when the mind is blind – Anonymous
(Think th!nk v 1. To have ideas, words or images in your mind 2. See 3. Visualize)
Tom Watson, founder of IBM also alluded to this fact by saying that the secret of IBM’s success was that he first created (thought out) a picture of how IBM should look and act when it had become global and then began to act like that in the present – his subconscious agreed with his picture and his actions became automatic.
When you think riches long enough, it sinks deep down into your subconscious and the truth called Selective Perception takes over. You begin to see materials and meet people that will set you off on this journey to great riches.
Selective Perception creates that gravitational pull around you that attracts your deep expectations.
Its unbelievable but very true!
A man that wins a 100 million dollar lottery but keeps his poor thoughts will surely soon run down to zero, its just a matter of time ‘t’.
Your thoughts either makes you rich or makes you poor – Poverty is not the absence of cash, rather its the presence of scarce.
Tis why Henry Ford said in his now famous quote, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.”
I agree Selective Perception as a truth is the Lazy man’s way to riches but trust me, only few would dare execute this truth, but once you’re in it – its a roller coaster!

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