The meeting was over and I was walking towards one of the exits when I felt a tap on my left shoulder. ‘Daniel, right?’ He asked me softly. ‘Sure,’ I answered, my eyes searching his as I tried to recollect where we had previously met. ‘I’m Tunde,’ he continued, ‘I’m an ardent follower of your blog and I think the […]


In the art of progress we are told that our lives will only become beautiful pictures when we understand the Use and Power of the Mind. While we established that the ‘Use of the mind’ is to ‘see’, we never really got talking about the ‘Power of the mind’. Let’s do that I know someone is probably asking, ‘what’s this […]


Confessions of a Rapist I had to make this confession because something in me is forcing me to – don’t offer your suggestion of a conscience, cos I don’t have one anymore – I remember clearly the events preceding that D-day, It was 2 years ago, December 2010 to be precise. How could I ever forget? Make una make sure […]

The Art of Progress…

Why do people struggle through out life? Why do people who sometimes attend same seminars, read the same course or even come from the same family turn out in opposite directions in life? I’m sure you know what I mean, we all have examples of this scenario around us. I read the interesting story of a set of twin brothers […]


Shit Business is … Funny Business The toilet is a place to shit and not to start making conversations but it beats my imagination when people now mistake the toilet for a gisting point. I wonder why people won’t respect the sanctity of the toilet? I was in the toilet, staring right into a glass and trying to smoothen up […]