The Art of Progress…

Why do people struggle through out life?
Why do people who sometimes attend same seminars, read the same course or even come from the same family turn out in opposite directions in life?
I’m sure you know what I mean, we all have examples of this scenario around us.
I read the interesting story of a set of twin brothers in a town, who had a spectacularly irresponsible father – he was 90% always drunk.
One of the boys became a well respected medical doctor while the other continued from where his father had stopped – he became the drunk of the town – a very successful drunk.
When a psychologist, amazed by how both brothers had turned out decided to speak with both, he came out with an exciting revelation.
The drunk in a rare moment of sobriety looked straight into the eyes of the psychologist, ‘what did you expect me to become?’ He asked. ‘My father was a drunk – I had no choice’. #MakeSenseAbi
The psychologist made a next stop at the place of the doctor and put the same questions to him that he had asked his brother earlier and something remarkable happened.
‘What did you expect me to become?’ The doctor asked (exactly the same question his brother had asked) smiling as he loosened the knot in his tie. ‘My father was a drunk – I was determined not to end up like him.’
Same Situation, Different Inspiration!
I believe with all of my heart that we all have the free-will from God to become anything we want to be – no matter the pictures of our past.#Gbam!
However, our lives will only become beautiful pictures when we understand the Use and Power of the Mind.
What do you use your mind for?
I’m sure I’ll get different responses from my over a hundred thousand readers (and that figure is still counting *smiles*) but I’ll share the answer of a 5 year old pupil who was asked the same question by his teacher.
Hearing is to the ears, and seeing is to the – ?
The teacher asked her young class, scanning her eyes around the room and letting it drop on Henry who never seemed to get a question academically right but never truthfully got one wrong.
Atleast he can’t miss this one, she thought within herself.
‘Yes Henry, can you help us,’ the teacher said. ‘ Hearing is to the ears and seeing …’
‘Seeing is to the mind,’ the little boy answered innocently. His blue eyes dancing.
The teacher couldn’t believe her ears as she stepped towards the little boy. Not wanting to embarrass the young boy as the other kids had started giggling, she decided to help him out by rephrasing the question.
‘What do you do with your eyes Henry?’
‘I look with my eyes ma’am,’ the young man replied.
‘Good!’ the teacher exclaimed
Atleast we’re making progress
‘So if hearing is with the ears, seeing is with – ?’ The teacher asked again smiling, very sure that she had gotten through to the kid this time.
‘Seeing is with the mind,’ Henry repeated.
The teacher sighed in frustration as the giggles of the other kids turned to laughter.
‘What do you use your eyes for Henry?’ She asked dejectedly.
Henry loved his teacher – Ms. Rosa, she was kind to him and so he didn’t want to cause her any problems.
I look with my eyes, but see with my mind
The little boy answered, his eyes fluttering. ‘My dad told me that’.
Ms Rosa smiled – once again Henry was academically wrong, but truthfully right.
If only more people would grasp this knowledge and understand the use of their minds, their lives would be way more different cos’ the Eyes will only Look at Progress as a Word but the Mind will see Progress as a Path.
I’ll stop for now with the words of Winston Churchill ‘The empires of the future are the empires of the mind’.
To rise above the level of struggling in life – struggling like you’re constantly in a sinking ship – You must have an empire state of mind but in doing that, you must Mind-A-Morphose!

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  1. Wow wow wow.
    This is nice and everyone needs to read this.
    We ought to dream and dream big.
    The focus of our dream is in our passion.
    I got passion which made me a success.


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