Shit Business is … Funny Business
The toilet is a place to shit and not to start making conversations but it beats my imagination when people now mistake the toilet for a gisting point.
I wonder why people won’t respect the sanctity of the toilet?
I was in the toilet, staring right into a glass and trying to smoothen up after doing my ‘thing’ when a manager who fondly regards me as his son walked in
‘My boy is beginning to love engineering,’ he started with his now very familiar line of discussion.
His son was studying in the university I had graduated from and was actually in the same department I was in – The Engineering Department – this made him see me as a resource of some sort as there was always something to talk about anytime we ran into each other .
This day was however going to be different.
The manager stepped into one of the suites in the toilet, while still trying to hold me down with his conversation
‘He’s actually excited about the –
Then ‘shit’ happened –
His voice grew into a grunt and I could imagine the huge veins sticking out of the sides of his neck as he tried to call out ‘opportunities’ in the middle of a big sh!t – the exclamation was deliberate – *winks*
‘uhhhmm-pportunities (in a rush) -exhales after the shit drops –
‘I’m so happy you advised meeeeee – (the ‘meeeee’ actually sounded like a whistling kettle)
I smiled to myself in the mirror, trying very hard not to laugh
myy booiihhh
Sound of deep grunts as his voice fades out
I hurried out of the toilet unable to hold my laughter. I could imagine his face and his condition right now – you know those kind of teasing, stubborn shit that would shoot out their heads for a second and run back in again almost immediately, leaving you breathing and breathless –
I know you do, you’re a master at such.
Stepping into my office, I had the best and longest laughs I’ve ever had in a long while. Each time I try to stop and I remember the –
Hmmmmm, ghhheeeeyyyyy, grrrhhhhhhh grunts of the manager, I just can’t help but start rolling all over again.
*wipes tears* – when I laugh too hard, I cry –
*in my manager’s shitting voice*
Shit business is darn funny

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