Confessions of a Rapist

Confessions of a Rapist

I had to make this confession because something in me is forcing me to – don’t offer your suggestion of a conscience, cos I don’t have one anymore –
I remember clearly the events preceding that D-day, It was 2 years ago, December 2010 to be precise. How could I ever forget?
Make una make sure say una tear am to pieces – nothing go happen
That was Chief’s voice.
I remember so clearly these words because like a prophecy, nothing has truly happened.
It was a wednesday morning by about 11:20, I could hear Uchenna telling her to come pick the bag inside.
He didn’t need to persuade her to, being her husband’s family member was all the persuasion she needed.
As she stepped into the room, Chizoba acting his part of the already well rehearsed script gave her a blinding slap across the face.
She screamed, groping around in the sudden blindness that had just enveloped her and like scenes from the National Geographic Channel, her predators stepped out from their previously secret positions.
The next 3 minutes is better forgotten than spoken about as she received slaps from every side.
‘Uchenna biko,’ she wailed as she couldn’t understand what had befallen her.
‘So you still dey talk abi ?’ I asked as I pushed her roughly to the bed.
‘Shut up!’ Nwazuo screamed at her.
5 minutes and ‘the sight of a gun after’ and we were set for action.
I remember her tears and plea as we took turns on her – her agonizing groan when I penetrated her is still fresh in my mind even though I have deleted the video clip from my laptop about 6 months ago.
If the above scenes look like clips from a horror movie, then the scenes from the reaction of the nation was that of a thriller.
I have to confess I got scared at the early part. The outcry was deafening.
The nation had never been so united in its disgust and quest for justice.
Now you will be used as scape goats, my mind kept saying, but Chief was calm as he kept telling us, ‘relax boys, nothing go happen’.
The thrill continued as the media dubbed it the ABSU rape case – I remember it was Chizoba’s idea to put that into the script. That simple touch of genius deflected the attention from the small town of Obite, in Rivers State to God’s own state of Abia.
If you are a comedy movie buff, I’m certain the response of Micloth, the assistant commissioner of police in Abia must have made you laugh your heart out.
He called it consensual sex and suspended investigations.
How do you watch a heart wrenching video as that and decide it was consensual sex?
He must be as sadistic as I am.
I left Obite and traveled to Lagos determining to put my past behind me and for more than a year it has been quiet, until the news report surfaced.
So much had happened since I left. Uchenna, Nwazuo and Chizoba had been caught, detained and released, all within one year. The report called me ‘one person at large’.
I waited for the uproar that would follow the report – but it never came.
I expected protests especially from women groups but didn’t see any. I only read articles that lacked rage but contained resignation and defeat.
How is it possible that there is a stronger reaction to the rape situation than to this sickening reality?
1. She now lives with HIV as a result of the rape.
Methinks this should ordinarily get Patience’s attention, afterall she’s from Rivers state too.
2. She was 2 months pregnant at the time of rape and lost not only the baby 6 months after she delivered him to complications of HIV but also her marriage.
This is pure murder, everyone should rise up and demand some sort of justice.
3. My accomplices were arrested and released, I hear Chizoba is even married and here I am, according to the words of the report ‘at large’
This sort of impunity should not be allowed in such a celebrated case. This is supposed to be a PR opportunity for any responsible government, but the governments in this clime are too dumb to note that by helping one citizen get justice, they buy trust from the people and plant seeds of peace in the land.
I’m HIV positive – I wasn’t positive before the rape case.
Don’t smile cos I’m not bothered, I’m determined to share the virus as much as I can and to whoever I can and that includes you.
I will just make video recordings of my new victims that I trust fleece seeking bloggers would help me share with my country men who are a bunch of perverts, hedonists and patients of social amnesia.
You should see how they begged bloggers to upload the ABSU rape video. What in God’s name did they plan to see in it, a pastor preaching?.
I’m a rapist and so are my Country men.

The AideYarn Team abhors every form of violence against women and this article is meant to awaken the society to its collective responsibility of protecting women who we see as builders of the family and mothers of the society.

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    1. i really am not sure how you console someone who has been that terribly scarred, but i believe the first step is Justice. that will be a way to go. that's why the ABSU rape villians must be be served Justice. Lets all stand and be counted. we have sisters, wives, aunties and mothers...we cant let rape go unpunished.


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