In the art of progress we are told that our lives will only become beautiful pictures when we understand the Use and Power of the Mind.
While we established that the ‘Use of the mind’ is to ‘see’, we never really got talking about the ‘Power of the mind’.
Let’s do that
I know someone is probably asking, ‘what’s this fuss about the mind – the mind, the mind- that this guy won’t stop dwelling on?’
I’ll tell you
Washing my hands in the basin, a scruffy guy walked into the gents and stood before the mirror. Seriously I was glad he did because his hair was rough and his beards were scantily patched up on his face – he clearly needed a shave and a hair cut and I was glad he would see that from standing opposite the mirror.
Right before my eyes, this guy takes a long look at himself in the mirror, runs his hand through the already rough hair and without caring that he was not alone whistles aloud, ‘my my my, I’m looking hot today!’
Aaahn! -my mind screams out loud, did he just say that?
My ears tingled.
We obviously saw differently cos’ our minds were different.
The more important fallout of how we see however is that our actions (which determines the quality of our Lives) are motivated by how we see – and remember, we see with our minds.
While I was thinking of him getting a comb or a hair-cut, the guy was walking out of the gents with a swagger – his sight motivated his action.
In describing the ‘Power of the mind’, the late Dr. Wilder Penfield,a neuro-surgeon in Canada cited the story of an epileptic train motor-man who blacked out while driving a train. Still in his unconscious state, this gentleman took his train all the way from the 125th Street Station right into the Grand Central Station in New York City, following correctly all the red and green lights – trust me, that is amazing!
I loved the story and being a naturally inquisitive person, I searched out the map showing the 125th Street Station into the Grand Central Station and then my jaw dropped -it was a snaky path- you should check it out and then you’ll properly appreciate the power of a man’s mind, even one in an unconscious state.
In life, our minds act as our compass, it actually designs and maps out the direction of our future!
That’s why we have mind-mapping tools in design soft-wares. *smiles*
However, our mind can only be as effective as we have made it. If you feed your mind, it definitely will feed you.
Frank McCourt says, ‘Stock your mind. It is your house of treasure and no one in the world can interfere with it’ and the great Aristotle concurs by saying,The energy of the mind is the essence of life.
All of the above forms what is known as the inside-out principle of progress. This is where the very popular saying is derived from, ‘don’t work on having, work on be-ing – cos with whom you are, you’ll have!’
Many of us have failed to acknowledge the power we possess – the power of our minds – the power to paint the beautiful pictures of the future we desire.
the mind is a powerful weapon, but many men instead of hunting with it, commit suicide with it.
When we refuse to see with our minds, feed it and put its power to use, its akin to committing suicide.
For a second time, I’ll close with the words of Winston Churchill, ‘The empires of the future are the empires of the mind’.
Its time to Mind-A-Morphose!

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    1. well spoken auxano...that's the food of the mind. its also necessary to add that the way people would rather eat junk rather than healthy foods is the way men would rather feed themselves with "junk information" rather than life building info
      nice piece.


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