The meeting was over and I was walking towards one of the exits when I felt a tap on my left shoulder.
‘Daniel, right?’ He asked me softly.
‘Sure,’ I answered, my eyes searching his as I tried to recollect where we had previously met.
‘I’m Tunde,’ he continued, ‘I’m an ardent follower of your blog and I think the write ups are cool’.
‘Oh, thank you,’ I replied modestly
‘I however have an issue with the last two articles of inspire world‘.
‘Okay,’ I replied, my eyebrows arching inquisitively.
‘You don’t mind sitting down?’ He asked
‘Not at all,’ I replied. We were actually causing an obstruction to the people filing past us to the exits.
‘As I was saying sir,’ Tunde continued immediately we had sat down, ‘You ended the last two articles of the category with a rally that we should mindamorphose’.
‘Yes…’ I said, staring at him in rapt attention, not sure where the discussion was headed.
‘I checked my dictionary for the word mindamorphose,’ he said returning my stare, ‘and after the word ‘mind’, the next word was ‘mind-bending’, there was no mindamorphose’. He said accusingly.
#GhenGhen *drum roll*
My face eased into a smile, ‘Really?’ I asked, feigning surprise. ‘I think I have it scribbled here somewhere,’ I said as I reached for my phone in my pocket.
Tunde’s eyes were filled with expectation as he watched me fiddle with my phone.
‘Before I read what I have here,’ I said, waving the phone, ‘let me share this as a bit of foundation’.
I scanned the hall quickly to see how much time we had left for the discussion by the amount of people still present.
Probably some 5 to 7 more minutes
‘Growing up I loved butterflies,’ I started, ‘I really loved the colourful ones and would sometimes trap them in a jar just to stare at them. The irony of my romance with butterflies however is that I hated caterpillars with as much passion as I loved butterflies. They looked ugly and creepy.
It took my introductory science to know the concept of metamorphosis and thus understand that every ugly and creepy caterpillar finally transforms into a beautiful butterfly – its only a matter of process.
Mindamorphose gets its life from the concept of metamorphosis,’ I said, locking Tunde’s eyes in a gaze as I wanted to be sure he was still with me, and yes he was with me – 100%.
I turned my eyes to the phone and began to read from my scratch-pad.
Mindamorphose maɪndˈmɔːfəʊz vb, 1. A change in state, form, condition e.t.c esp. of man, through the vehicle of the mind 2. A metamorphosis of the human state by the quality of the mind.
‘Did you just google that?’ Tunde asked peering into my phone.
‘No,’ I replied. ‘ I got it from the Ai.de.Yarn! Advanced Dictionary’.
‘So its a made-up word?’ he asked with eyes wide open.
‘All words are made-up,’ I replied with a smile. ‘Their function is to communicate a particular sentiment, what matters is how they are inspired.
And how is this inspired?
The inspiration for the word is better expressed as found in scripture – And be not conformed to this world but be transformed (metamorphosed) by the renewing of your mind… – Romans 12:2a (Bible).
The principle in this verse tends to draw a parallel between mindamorphose and metamorphose.
It highlights how a man can change the level of his life through the vehicle of his mind just the way a caterpillar can transform into a beautiful butterfly.
‘Hmmm,’ Tunde sighed. ‘So, how can I mindamorphose?’
‘Its by feeding our minds with information,’ I replied.
‘Yea,’ Tunde cooed, ‘its just like the comment of Auxano in the power of the mind – information is what the mind needs’.
‘I agree,’ I said smiling. ‘You just have to feed your mind with the right information to get the right results. In metamorphosis, do you know that the only thing the caterpillar really does is eat, eat and eat?’.
‘Really?’ Tunde asked amazed, ‘that’s like feeding the mind, feeding the mind and feeding the mind,’ he said chuckling.
‘Exactly,’ I said excitedly, ‘there are many lessons served to us by nature, the problem is that we just ‘look’, we don’t take out time to ‘see’. While the caterpillar feeds itself with the right stuff, the average person feeds his mind with junk. Research says that 90% of our self talk is usually negative. We must prove that statement false in our lives by feeding our minds properly. That is the way we can mindamorphose.’
Just then Tunde’s phone rang, he tried to ignore it, but I signalled to him that he should go ahead to pick his call – I just didn’t want him distracted.
The first question he asked after the call was something else, but I’ll let that cat out of the bag in the next inspire world post.
Have a great weekend!

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