I ran a wide check on the meaning of the word ‘action’ from different versions of the dictionary and I can summarily conclude that ‘it is a state or process of acting or doing something’ – where the word ‘doing’ should be underlined. You cannot take action and remain in the same position, thus taking action involves movement as shown […]


journey to action This has been one of the most tasking inspire world pieces I have written so far, not because I tried to ‘gamify’ and create a simulation process in the piece, or because I’m trying as usual to flesh out real life experiences by painting in words, pictures of people who had conquered the very same situations we […]


children’s pranks I have been off the record from off the record for a while *winks* (I like the way that sounds) and I think there’s no better way to come back on the record than through a holiday edition. *Nigerians are enjoying a holiday via a muslim celebration* Not too long ago we got talking about the bedroom flat […]


How can I forget it? Its etched in my memory forever…my first toasting experience. I was in JSS 3 and was just back from school for the christmas holidays and for the first time I was given a pass to attend the christmas carol. Carol nights were grand at the St. Mathews Cathedral church – almost as grand as the […]


Tunde tapped the end button on the phone and slipped it back into his jacket. ‘I’m sorry about that,’ He apologised. ‘It’s okay,’ I replied smiling. ‘Do these things really work?’ Tunde asked, his eyes showing his desire for answers. ‘Because they worked for 1, 2, maybe 3 people in 5, does it mean they’ll work for anyone?’ These questions […]