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Tunde tapped the end button on the phone and slipped it back into his jacket. ‘I’m sorry about that,’ He apologised.
‘It’s okay,’ I replied smiling.
‘Do these things really work?’ Tunde asked, his eyes showing his desire for answers. ‘Because they worked for 1, 2, maybe 3 people in 5, does it mean they’ll work for anyone?’
These questions Tunde was asking, were exactly the same questions I had asked myself a long time ago, but I could only find true answers after I had gone ahead to apply the principles I was learning through the information I was feeding my mind with.
‘If everyone feeds their minds with the right stuffs, will their lives get better?’ Tunde asked again, hoping to force me to answer.
A young black boy in a park saw one of the park guides filling some balloons with what he later got to know was helium and releasing the filled balloons to float in the air, lighting the park skies with balloon kites. Noticing that the balloons being filled and released were all white, he walked up to the guide and asked him, ‘if you fill a black coloured balloon with that stuff – referring to the helium – will it fly as high up as those white ones? The boy asked.
The park guide smiled and instead of just answering the young black boy with a yes or no, he picked up a black coloured balloon, filled it up and let it fly up as the others.
The young black boy’s eyes lighted up with both amazement and joy as he watched the black balloon fly just as high as the others.
‘The colour of the balloons don’t matter young boy,’ the guide said, ‘what matters is what is inside of it’.
‘And the answer to your question tunde is yes – anyone that feeds his mind with the right stuffs will definitely have a better life,’ I said.
You seem so sure…
‘I am,’ I replied emphatically.
A taxi driver engaged another driver in one of these ego races, drivers normally have. As the other driver zoomed past the taxi, he turned sideways and gave the taxi driver a you’re a small boy kind off look.
Don’t ask me how that looks like, every driver knows it. *smiles*
This look infuriated the taxi driver and got his blood boiling as he stepped on the gas – and thus began the greatest competition in racing history.
After about 3 minutes, the taxi zoomed past the other car and the taxi driver erupted in glee. ‘Nonsense!’ He screamed out in delight. ‘Na engine power dey talk.’ He said relishing his victory.
That’s exactly how life is.
Your mind is your engine, it determines how far you’ll go in life. Its perfectly scripted in the words of George Harrison, ‘Its all in the mind’.
Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything – George Bernard Shaw
Tunde was transfixed. His look was distant. He was quiet.
‘We have to go,’ I said as I noticed there was just about 5 people left in the hall.
‘Yeah,’ he said rising up from his seat. He was wearing a smile now. ‘I guess you’ll still close this week’s article with ‘mindamorphose’?’ He asked.
We both laughed. ‘Don’t count on it,’ I replied.
‘Anyways, if you do, I will know what it means.’
I smiled.
Butterflies are beautiful – caterpillars are not. However you can never become a butterfly without first being a caterpillar – Mind-a-morphose!

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