How can I forget it?
Its etched in my memory forever…my first toasting experience.
I was in JSS 3 and was just back from school for the christmas holidays and for the first time I was given a pass to attend the christmas carol.
Carol nights were grand at the St. Mathews Cathedral church – almost as grand as the building itself.
As I sat in the pew with the choir dishing out the most angelic replica of carols I’ve heard in my young life, my mind was busy composing a different kind of carol for the girl 2 rows ahead of me.
I’ve had a crush on her for a while and this night seemed perfect to close the deal.
*Preparation Mode*
I planned the lines in my head and perfected the swag for my delivery – all of this, while sitting in church.
hello babe, how are you doing?
I said under my breath as I practised my lines and just then my eyes caught my ‘prospect’ walk out through one of the church’s exits.
*Stage Mode*
I hurried after her into the sprawling, dimly lit compound of the cathedral and steadied my steps to keep a measurable distance between both of us.
If only she would enter the car park, I thought to myself and just then my prayers were answered as she veered into the car park.
I paced up to catch up with her, as this was the perfect moment for me to sing my carol – toasting time.
*Delivery Mode*
This is the stage where the director screams, ‘Roll tape!’.
*heart skips*
‘Good evening,’ I said almost in a whisper, my throat felt dry and trust me, I didn’t hear myself.
What I said in my head was ‘hello’, but when my mouth opened up, even I, was surprised to hear me say, ‘good evening’…Geez!
I felt like a ‘curse’.
‘Yes?’ She replied with a full blast of her beautiful but piercing eyes.
All of a sudden I felt myself breathing through my nose – don’t get me wrong, I’m not stupid, I know humans breathe through their noses, but when you realise that you’re breathing through your nose in a situation like this, trust me, its not a good experience. I could feel my nostrils expanding as I exhaled – please don’t laugh – this is not a laughing matter.
Let’s take a short break from this story
I’m sure you would have noticed that this piece has an incomplete title with a blank parenthesis after ‘(lights)’ and ‘(camera)’, and with the amount of respect I have for my reading community, it sure couldn’t have been a mistake – it was deliberate.
Back to the story
Where were we?
*Cold Feet Mode*
I know many people would have hastily joined in the sing-song, ‘lights…camera…action!’
This is supposed to be the case but it was to be a different story for me on that cold ‘christ-massy’ night as it was ‘lights…camera…freeze!’
‘What do you want?’ She asked, her face bearing the unmistakable look of amusement.
If you had seen me at that moment you would not need a dictionary to help you define the word ‘MUMU’ ever again. My posture at that moment was the perfect picture of the word and it was worth more than a thousand words.
‘What class are you in?’ She asked almost pitiably, stunned by my muteness.
‘JSS 3,’ I answered shamelessly.
//The rest of this story has been deleted to save the writer from further embarrassment//
*wipes sweat off brow*
that took too long to happen
While this story might cause some laughs, the purpose is entirely different – it is meant to highlight the importance of ACTION.
Over the past weeks starting from the month of August, we have unfailingly received weekly, words containing principles that have not only changed my life but have been proven through research to be the change elements that have tranfigured ordinary men/women into great men/women.
If we keep on receiving these words and we freeze at the point of ACTION, the words would be of non-effect and thus we won’t experience and enjoy the desired change.
Common Sense is not always Common Practise – Stephen Covey.
My ‘lights’ (preparation) and ‘camera’ (delivery) modes may not have been so bad – they might have even been fantastic, but the absence of the ‘action’ mode practically guaranteed my failure.
The next couple of inspire world series will be dedicated to show us truths on how to move beyond knowledge gathering to action taking, how to make ‘common sense’ become ‘common practise’ in our lives.
I will also attempt to show in the next series how I went from being a choker to a master toaster conversationist.
Trust me, you can’t afford to miss it.
Have a great weekend!

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