journey to action

journey to action

This has been one of the most tasking inspire world pieces I have written so far, not because I tried to ‘gamify’ and create a simulation process in the piece, or because I’m trying as usual to flesh out real life experiences by painting in words, pictures of people who had conquered the very same situations we find ourselves – this is a tested and effective motivational tactic – but because this is the first part of a serial that comes with a promise as seen in the last 2 paragraphs of the last piece (delivering on a promise is something I don’t take likely).
We will be taking a journey today to the land of ‘ACTION’ and as much as I’d like to promise you that we will all make it there, I can’t, because no matter how good a guide I am, your arrival to the land of action is mostly determined by your choices.
*You will hear the next 5 lines in a deep baritone voice in your head*
There are several giants we will meet on our journey but they really can’t stop us. The only one that can, we will learn to handle if we follow the instructions from the manual in our backpacks.
*Lets go!*
Thanks for coming on the journey, they say sharing stories makes the journey short and when it comes to sharing stories about people who have at one time or the other in their lives refused to take action, I have lots of both personal and external stories to share, but today on this journey I have decided to share ‘YOUR story’ – yes, you heard that right, ‘YOUR story’.
We are all going to take a 30 second stop in this journey to reflect on a situation in the past where we had grown cold feet in taking an action that we felt would be good for our future – for some of us, that situation is actually happening right now in the present.
This is ‘Your story’ that I want to share, so if you didn’t reflect during the break, you have another 30 seconds to do so now, we will wait for you.
I dare you to reflect
What I just did is called a ‘sieve’, because some people will use the excuse of a reflection break to discontinue their journey to the land of ‘ACTION’ – they just made their choice.
If you’re still here, you’re one of a few who we still have left on our journey and I’m positive you have it in you to go all the way past the land of lights, camera… to action!
A man being flown on the wings of an Angel of Light met the ‘angel of death’ – AOD – on its way on a mission to a town, and asked it, ‘what are you going to do there?’
‘I’m going to visit 2 people,’ AOD replied.
On their way back, they ran across each other again and the man with a little bit of irritation in his voice asked, ‘I thought you said you were going to visit just 2 people?’
‘Yes,’ AOD replied with a straight face.
‘How come the news we hear is that you visited hundreds of people?’
‘I visited just 2 people,’ AOD insisted, ‘ but FEAR visited the others’.
Danger is real, fear is a choice – Will Smith, from the movie, ‘After Earth’
In listening to ‘Your story’, the giant that stopped you from taking that action you really felt would be good for your future was FEAR, not the small giant ‘finance’ or ‘time’ or whatsoever the name is – it was FEAR.
*I guess you knew that right?*
What is the worst that will happen?
Read the line sitting on top this one again.
It is never as bad as we imagine when we take out time to evaluate the consequence of a failed action – its just like John Maxwell said ‘Sometimes we win, Sometimes we Learn’.
We will never lose if we take action.
Cowards die many times before their death… – William Shakespeare
In pushing yourself through to the land of action – our destination – ask yourself, ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’
We are there people!
We made it!
*someone’s dancing skelewu*
We are in the land of ACTION!
Now you will find out that the question should not have been, ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ but ‘what’s the best that will happen, if we take this action?’
The journey to ACTION is an internal trip – it happens in our minds.
The good news is that if you survived this gaming model of the journey, it means you can follow through on any plan – you can take action!
Next week, I’ll show everyone that completed this journey, the ‘magic coin’ we all used in getting here.
That’s another promise.

N.B: Please send a mail to, to have your story on how you overcame your doubts and took an action, that is presently paying off, shared in this series to inspire someone to take that action. You will just be saving a life!
Share your victory, inspire the world.

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  1. Good job. Fear keeps us from achieving our dreams. Everyone knows that but they still stay paralyzed by it. Nice of u to do a piece on that. Well done 🙂

  2. i really dont like work book kinda stories....i actually had to write down the something this time concerning an experience that fear stopped me from. after the story, i was glad i did, cos somehow i feel kinda refreshed and angry, not with me but with fear. fear cant and wont stop me ever again. i must complete my journey. fear wont stop me achieving my dreams anymore.

    1. you're welcome Sir. we are committed to making people becoming the best they can be and we can only do that with their permission. u.i.m

  3. learning so much from the comments, journey to action is live on twitter and you can be a part of it by placing #Journey2Action on the search button. you can also inspire the community by tweeting related quotes that has inspired you into taking action and end it with a hash tag Journey2Action (#Journey2Action). u.i.m


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