I ran a wide check on the meaning of the word ‘action’ from different versions of the dictionary and I can summarily conclude that ‘it is a state or process of acting or doing something’ – where the word ‘doing’ should be underlined.
You cannot take action and remain in the same position, thus taking action involves movement as shown in the journey to action.
However the best definition that I ran across was not from the dictionary but a quote from consultant and business strategist Lisa Larter who says ACTION is the acronym for ‘A Challenge That Inspires Opportunity Now.

I was blown away by the depth in that statement. Anytime you accept the challenge, you inspire opportunity.
I promised to reveal the coin that helped you on the journey to action and its time to keep that promise.
I call it the D-coin and with the knowledge of this coin, you can self motivate to action.
The D-coin like every coin is a 2-sided coin and the first side to be revealed is the ‘Decision’ side. It is the side that kick starts ‘action-taking’.
Every rewarding action is a product of a decision. It is the first step in your journey of a thousand miles.
The subject topic today is not one to philosophise about as I understand that the Ai.de.Yarn! Community is a place of both knowledge seekers and knowledge custodians, therefore it is important to go to the ‘gbish-gbish’ part.
(gbish-gbish gbeesh-gbeesh v,1. Action 2. Tough, ..as in a movie)
*Ai.de.Yarn! Advanced Dictionary*
The essence of knowledge is, having it, to apply it; not having it, to confess your ignorance – Confucius
When I saw the above quote by Confucius, I just held my head.
What If we apply all the knowledge we have, or maybe even 95% of it?
*hmmm…I’m salivating, just imagining the possibilities, but right now, its a case of too much talk talk, no action*
The best way to start applying knowledge is by making the decision to take action. Our decision is what transports us from knowledge gathering to action taking!
The beautiful part about a decision is that, ‘whether you make it or you don’t make it, you have made it!’
The second part of the D-coin will be revealed next week but starting from…now, kill excuses, make that decision to take action and see your opportunities grow!

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Take Action!

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    1. true talk. auxano you can connect with with rest of the community on twitter by tweeting with the hash tag Aideyarn (i.e #Aideyarn). your snippets of wisdom is very important.u.i.m


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