I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do – Leonardo da Vinci
In an industry where looks were important enough to be considered as an asset, Sylvester was definitely starting on a deficit as the deformity he had gotten right from birth counted against him as he scouted for jobs. Nobody wanted someone with a slur in speech on the job.
Then one day he picked up an Edgar Allen Poe book in the New York Public library and settled down to read (Knowledge gathering), from which he was inspired to move in the direction of writing. He wanted to become a writer – THE PLAN.
He therefore made a ‘Decision’ (Action taking) to write a movie script called Paradise Alley which he sold for just a $100.
*take a breather*
Like in Leonardo da Vinci’s quote at the top of the page,…being willing is not enough, we must do! This was something Sylvester had going for him, he had a plan, he was willing and he took action on the plan by making the decision to write the movie script.
This brings us to the second side of the D-coin, which is the ‘Discipline’ side. It is the side that makes us see through every action.
Decision starts the plan but Discipline completes the plan
Sylvester wrote another movie script and ‘decided’ that part of the conditions of selling this script was that he would be allowed to play the lead role in the movie.
He found 2 men who offered him as much as $325,000, up from their initial offer of $125,000 if he would sell the script and agree to forfeit the condition of playing the lead role to which Sylvester staunchly refused even though during this time, he had to sell his dog for just $25 because he was broke.
The men finally offered to pay him just $35,000 plus profit sharing, if he still insisted to play the lead role to which Sylvester assented to and the deal was struck.
My friends, our Sylvester is not an ordinary Sylvester, he is Sylvester Stallone and the movie script is non other than Rocky, a movie that has grossed above US$1 billion (i.e $1,126,271,447 at the last count).
It is sometimes easy to make a decision, but it is discipline that delivers the rewards
This is not to imply that discipline is greater than decision or vice-versa, but it is to emphasise that one cannot be effective without the other. It is just as John Maxwell said ‘Decision is to Goal Setting, what Discipline is to Goal Getting’.
A coin is not the same without one of its sides.
It is Discipline that makes Common Sense, Common Practise.
There are many reasons Sylvester Stallone would have given to quit on his ‘Decision’ (those are lessons for another day) but ‘Discipline’ kept him on the path of his action and at the end of the day, we are alive to witness his success.
Sylvester Stallone had a chance to make $325,000 but he instead stuck with $35,000 plus profit sharing. Can you now begin to imagine how much he has made from over US$1 billion?
Discipline is a sacrifice but it is also a multiplier
Even though this can serve as a lesson on delayed gratification, it also shows the importance of taking action.
Do you know the funny part of this whole account?
It actually sounds like your story.
Nobody knew Sylvester Stallone when he was selling his dog for $25, just the way people might not know you and what you’re going through right now, but Stallone has become a global story because he took action.
What are you waiting for?
It is your turn to become a global story, Take Action!

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