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Frank had it all going for him, a good business and a great family. He just couldn’t have wished for anything better, his life was a fairy tale but like we all know, reality is usually different from Disney’s depiction of fairy tale.
He got a huge supply order, the kind of order that changes your level, no matter who you are.
Frank made the supplies and then it happened – life happened – the supply order was cancelled.
Frank extinguished all available resources – money, contacts and court – to resolve the issue but to no avail, in a Nigeria controlled by a military dispensation (as at the time), you had almost a zero percent chance of justice.
Things changed drastically, his kids stopped school and against his wish but at his wife’s insistence, they were put in a public school. The quality of education was bad but he had no choice.
Things got worse in the next 12 months, as he tried his hands on all that he could do to make sure his family got back on its footing but things instead got worse.
He got back home from where he had gone to scout for work and met the eldest of his 3 children, his 8 year old son crying. ‘Junior, why are you crying, and where’s your mummy?’ He asked.
Before the young boy could answer, his wife stepped into the house, looking crestfallen. ‘You’re back,’ she said almost sadly.
‘Yes,’ he replied.’Where did you go?’ He asked as she walked past him into the kitchen.
‘I went to see if mama Seyi would give us somethings on credit but she refused,’ the wife answered as she emptied the garri grains into a cup, poured some water into the cup, covered it and kept it on the table, the only furniture that was in the house as the others have long been sold to settle some debts.
His 4 year old daughter made for the cup but his wife stylishly picked her up, preventing her from getting to the cup. He knew the game plan and even his son Junior knew too that the garri grains were being allowed to swell before they could feast on it.
His young girl didn’t know that and was too hungry to be taught patience at this time.
The scenes were too sad, so he made for his room to have his shower.

Lilian opens the door of the room, after watching the kids feast on the garri grains like it was some sort of jollof rice and there she finds her husband sleeping.
She had to come check on him as lately Frank had gotten involved in worry spells that made him even lose track of time. As she made to turn back out of the room and close the door, she noticed something right on his face and moved closer to observe it properly.
*what she saw shocked her to her very foundation*
Lying there, with fresh tears in his eyes was her husband – dead. He had died of a broken heart.
I wish I could change the end of this story but the thing is, how do you change a narration based on a true life story?
You can’t. You just tell it as it is – even though the names may be substituted.
If life is a wave, then there are 3 kinds of people – those that drown in it, those that survive it and those that take their surf boards and ride the waves.
Which one are You?
Before you answer that, let me share this fact with you. Scientists say, during fertilisation millions of spermatozoa are involved in a do or die race to fertilize the egg. It is a very fierce race because only the gold medallist – the winner, the best, the most intelligent, the special one – will survive, and the others will be killed – executed.
And guess who the winner of your race is?
It’s you!
You entered this world as a winner!
Frank didn’t know that, that’s why he drowned.
There’s something else Frank didn’t know but I’ll share that next week.
The message for this week however, is that you are a winner!
Have a great weekend.

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