Have you ever heard the ‘sweet’ cries of a 5 minute, 10 minute, 1 hour or even a day old baby?
At this early stage, you know those cries can actually sound musical. Some parents actually dance and sing to it but check back by the sixth month…
*Lips sealed*
Looking at the baby, did you ever feel like, ‘this baby is going to grow so up into life?’
I used to feel exactly the same way until 17 years ago when I heard these striking words, A new born baby doesn’t grow into life, he counts down to death [Paraphrased, original thoughts by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome].
I didn’t fully grasp the truth until the subsequent explanation that ‘at the turn of another day, the amount of life the baby had yesterday just got reduced…its actually a countdown to death.’
Take for instance, a 2014 calendar in November 2013…it can still be likened to a baby in the womb. By January 1st 2014, that calendar becomes a new born baby and by January 2nd, the calendar starts its countdown to death because it’s itching closer to December 31st, 2014 with every passing day.
I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night comes, when no man can work – Jesus[John 9:4] Jesus related with life on earth like a countdown and understanding this truth can help you deal with the ‘time thief’ called Procrastination, but that’s a piece for another day.
For the past 2 weeks, we have discussed ‘life’ based articles and its time to ask ourselves, ‘what is the meaning of life?’ Why did Frank allow his present situation break his heart and kill him in L.I.F.E 101 and where did Aishat find the will to win despite her situation in WELCOME TO L.I.F.E?
This article rather than being a continuation aims to organise all the thoughts shared so far in the series.
Let me share the experiences of 3 sets of people:
S1: This is a set of people who have gotten so caught up in life that they have never stopped a minute to ask themselves this all important question, what is the meaning of life?
Their excuse is that, they are too busy or that they would rather be enjoying life than ask themselves stupid questions.
Their ‘condition’ is like a guy in 2013 Nigeria that receives a beautifully wrapped gift and without unbundling it, places it in his room where he admires it and when there’s a power cut (this ‘was’ very common in the then, 2013 Nigeria), he would sometimes stumble on the gift.
S2: This is a set of people who have asked themselves the question, what is the meaning of life? and their answer has led them to ‘life principles’, that they are too lazy or indisciplined to apply.
Their ‘situation’ is like the guy with the beautiful wrapped gift, who finally unbundles his gift that he has admired from afar and discovers that its a generator!
He immediately takes it out of the room and places it in the sitting room close to his electronics and grins in admiration and when there’s a power cut, goes straight to put on the candle.
*ridiculous right?*
S3: This is the final set of people who have asked themselves the question, what is the meaning of life? and their answer has led them to life principles and they are disciplined enough to apply them, learning the process through actions many times laced with mistakes but enjoying the value of their knowledge.
Their ‘levels’ is different! The guy knows this is a generator and puts it to work when there’s a power cut.
Are you in a ‘condition’ (S1), ‘situation’ (S2) or ‘levels’ (S3)?
What is the meaning of life? Whatever you want it to be – James Frey
Long ago, before there was a google to ask, I asked myself this question and in meditating about it, I got the inspiration from the Holy Spirit for the acronym L.I.F.E;


This acronym encapsulated the answers to my questions. Though I was surprised to later find it in google, I don’t forget where I got it from first.
Adopting this acronym as my meaning of life has helped to keep me in perspective, making me reminded that I must apply purpose to my every task.
Our 2014 calendar that we talked about earlier doesn’t complain when from January 1st, it starts to itch closer to December 31st, not because it cannot talk but because in itching closer to December 31st, its fulfilling its purpose everyday.
If a calendar can live in fullness everyday, what about You?
For one last time, ‘What is The Meaning of Life?’
A Life With Meaning Is The Meaning of Life.

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  1. Awesome post! Jes reassured and gave me hope after a battering day!! I'm really Living in Fullness Everyday..it may be tough? But with God its definitely FULL.


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