Making the Monalisa

Making the Monalisa

The camera focused on the kids singularly as they performed their calisthenics, each of them were running up and down almost in a haphazard manner and then suddenly some of them crouched. I picked up the remote to change the channel but paused as I heard the roaring applause in the stadium.
‘What are they applauding,’ I asked myself, my eyes fixed on the TV.
Like an answer to my question, the camera focus retreated and showed a more expansive view of the performing kids as a whole and then I saw the big picture.
My eyes opened wide in admiration as I read the words, ‘WE LOVE YOU!’.
The crouching kids had helped to form the dot in the exclamation mark and that was what had generated the roaring applause that made me pause.
I dropped the remote and began to look at the performance differently. When the camera focused on the kids individually again and I saw them doing what some 3 minutes ago, I would have termed meaningless, I was patient. I knew the lifting of hands, bending of backs and continuous circular movement of the individual kid was for a bigger purpose and was I right?
Of course I was because as the camera retreated again to bring the whole picture to view, I saw that the kids had formed a moving bicycle and the kids walking in a continuous circular movement were serving as the wheels.
If you’re asking yourself what the essence of this story is, ask no more, don’t blink, keep reading.
A great life is not stumbled into, it is intentionally created.
Have you ever formed images in your mind of what you want your life to look like?
I’m not talking about momentary lapses in concentration that results in a castle of wishes but an intentional collection of ‘mind matter’, arranged with precision to paint a picture of your desired future.
If you want your life to be a masterpiece you must intentionally create it. It was Peter Drucker that said ‘the best way to predict the future, is to create it’, and how so true that is.
There is the story about how Michelangelo, the legendary italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet usually took so much time in selecting his marbles for his sculpting works and while others would ordinarily see just marble, his eyes saw something much deeper. He is famously quoted as saying ‘I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free’.
The Big Picture is being able to see beyond the ordinary, it is the ability to see the end from the beginning.
The Big Picture is what you want your life to look like when it’s done.
Do you have a big picture for your life?
Find my top 3 reasons why I believe you should;
1. It Gives You A Shot At Greatness
A great life is not stumbled into, it is intentionally created.
By having a big picture for your life, you have separated yourself from the ‘ordinary person’ because these ones are usually too busy to have a big picture. They are too busy working ‘in’ their lives to work ‘on’ their lives.
Nobody would ‘usually’ take out time to create a big picture for their life that is ugly. It is close to impossible.
The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving the mark – Michelangelo .
2. It Gives You A Sense Of Direction
Do you realise that those kids working the calisthenics display moved in the right direction because they had in their hearts a big picture of what they wanted to create.
The display, ‘WE LOVE YOU!’ came out right because the every letter in the words were in their right position -and being in the right position is a result of moving in the right direction.
3. It Motivates You
There are times when the drudgery of the day’s work can cause a loss of enthusiasm and tiredness, the playback of your big picture helps to motivate and recharge your batteries.
This is the part that differentiates the big picture from purpose, as it is the ‘motivation machine’ in purpose.
With all of these wonderful reasons, you would think everyone reading this would immediately set about creating their big picture, but trust me, very few will. The big question is, are you among the few?
The little girl in our picture above that is creating the Monalisa (one of the most valued paintings of all time) already has a picture of what the Monalisa looks like and so her every piece is intentional as she knows what she is setting out to create.
So no matter how much of a masterpiece you think your life would turn out to be – if you don’t have a Big Picture already, you might be on a ‘long tin’ wild goose chase.
Get started.
Create Your Big Picture today and enjoy this trip called Life!

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