7 Things You Should Know Before 2014

7 things you should know

7 things you should know

This is a personal exercise that I started in the recent past and one that has grown in me to become a tradition. Every year, I have developed the concept to become more detailed as I like to benchmark my activities with the years’ calendar, just like many of us. There are many things we can know before 2014 finally dawns on us, but in helping us with our stock-taking for 2013 and more importantly in our preparation for 2014, here is a list of 7 things I believe you should know before 2014. 7 goals you’d like to hit in 2014: If you believe you can’t come up with more than 1 goal (Money goal) in a year, then you’re wrong. By the time you set 1 goal for every part of your life, Family/Home, Financial/Career, Spiritual/Ethical, Physical/Health, Social/Cultural goals, you would have come up with 6 goals. You can then add 1 more goal to the part of your life that means more to you. Everyone is different. 6 goals you planned to achieve in 2013: This should be quite easy. If you have more than 6, then just pen down the 6 most important. 5 reasons why you did/didn’t achieve these goals: If you achieved your goals then list 5 reasons why you think you did. This is so that you can replicate the results. If you did not, then list 5 reasons why you think you did not. This is so that you can learn from it. Experience is not what has happened to you, it is what you’ve learnt from what has happened to you. 4 ways you’d improve on yourself to reach further, in 2014: Seminars, Workshops, Courses, Travels e.t.c What part of you do you want to improve on? Identify it and Shoot! 3 books you will study read in 2014: I’d like to say ‘study’, which by the way is what is written on my ‘Goals’ book, but I realise that people don’t even read, talk less of study. Let’s start with 3 – Get the titles written down in your note. 2 people you’ll meet in 2014: I’m shy. I’m not out-going. I’m not a people’s person. The earlier you realise that the world is made up of people and that they are the ones that make everything on earth tick…the quicker you’ll begin on your journey to fulfilment. 1 thing you’re thankful to God for in 2013: If you can Think, then you will Thank – Sam Adeyemi. I will never forget a sticker I saw some years ago that said ( the sticker spoke to me), ‘Say thank you Jesus, and think of a reason later’. It was profound and I have held it to my heart all these years. I’m thankful to God for the journey of 2013 and as you keep your ‘1’ reason for being thankful (even though, there are actually a million more) you will access inspiration to aspire more. Seasons Greetings from Team Ai.de.Yarn! Its going to be a great 2014 together.

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