Personal Development

Personal Development

Its still a happy New Year and I specially welcome you to a new session of Inspire World on AideYarn!
Its just the eighteenth day of 2014 and I make bold to say that many of us have already woken up from the blues of our new year resolutions.
We have returned to our old comfortable ways.
Trying to script down my goals for the year in my ‘GOALS’ book at the turn of the new year, all I could get to read or hear about every where I turned were goals and resolutions.
I sincerely do believe that the term new year resolutions is going out of fashion as more people now use the word ‘goals’ as they perceive it to be a more modern, ‘catchier’, ‘flashier’ and ‘cooler’ slang.
In reality however, there’s little or no difference with how people relate to both words.
It is amazing that a lot of people (a percentage that is as high as 90%) enter into a new year, expecting a gift from the year. It is this expectation that results in talks like, ‘let’s see what this year will bring’, ‘ I hope this year brings forth good tidings’…and so many more statements I’m positive you’re familiar with.
The last time I checked the calendar, the months were still the same -January to December and the numbers were exactly just the same. They don’t ever get past 365 days except in rotational 4 year periods when it usually leaps to 366 days.
So what’s the point?
The point is… SWITCH!
Thinking that a new year brings you good things puts you in the ‘subjective’…SWITCH!
It is a ‘New You’ that brings good things to the year.
Thinking that opportunities ‘will happen’ to you in the new year is a ‘victim’s mentality’…SWITCH!
It is a ‘New You’ that will ‘create’ opportunities this new year.
The answer doesn’t lie with the new year, the answer lies with the New You!
What is your plan for a ‘New You’ this year?
This plan is your ‘PDP’, your ‘Personal Development Plan’. It is by far more important than your goals that outline more material possessions this year…it is actually what will determine how many of the other goals you will hit this year.
PDP is a structured and supported process undertaken by an individual┬áto reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and┬áto plan for their personal, educational and career development…- University of Manchester.
Your ‘PDP’ should be your number one priority this year, it is the main thing and I like the way Stephen Covey puts it when he says, ‘Remember, the main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing’.
That is what everyone of us should strive to do this year because a more developed mind is quick to receive inspiration and in this new session of AideYarn! we will be pulling ourselves together upwards, helping us achieve our goals by becoming better people in this new year.
This is why we have spiced this new session to involve new influences, which will make for a wider variety and a more improved menu.
Believe me, its something you don’t want to miss and you’ll get a taste of that next week, but for now, understand that your number one priority for 2014 is your personal development. It is the main thing.
Till we meet again right here, next week, in Inspire World, remember, the main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing. #StephenCovey’sVoice.

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    1. keep it simple?... please expatiate @auxano...lovely piece as usual...and its glad to be back @teamAideyarn! cant wait to see all that you got in store for us this year. 6 weeks became too long for a while. MY 'PDP' is my winning formular (nt my APC)...loooolllzzz


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