the morning after WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26th, 2014. Ogba, Lagos. 10AM. Funmi lay on the bed sick to the pit of her stomach. She was physically and emotionally drained. Too weak to cry anymore. The walls in her room constantly seemed to be closing in on her or maybe she was just going insane. A tear trickled down her cheek leaving […]

SCORE THAT GOAL III – The Place Of Strategy

STRATEGY At the beginning of this year, I sat down with some group of young adults having been invited by one of my mentees to speak to the group. The most remarkable part of that meeting for me was during the Q&A session when a young man asked me, ‘what’s the difference between a goal and strategy?’. You know as […]


The Morning After FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21st, 2014. Ogba, Lagos. 7PM. Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond… The voice of Rihanna broke her concentration as it played out through her phone. She glanced sideways to the sound of the phone on her bed and wished she had magical powers to shut it up. For once, Rihanna’s voice […]


The Morning After SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15th 2014. Somewhere in Lagos. 7AM. Funmi stared at the ceilings in a room she couldn’t recognise. Apart from the rumpled bedsheet, the room looked too organised to be hers. She looked to her left hoping to see her wardrobe but all she saw was a clock hanging on the wall, telling her it was […]

SCORE THAT GOAL II – The Power of Belief

Belief in oneself is one of the most useful bricks in building any successful venture. Lydia M. Child   ‘Do you know why I don’t set goals anymore?’ He asked me like he was about to give me the keys to a goldmine, his eyes flushed with some tint of arrogance.   ‘No I don’t,’ I replied in my usual […]