SCORE THAT GOAL! I – Why You're Not Hitting Your Goals and How To Change That

Score that goal!

Score that goal!

We were all left wide eyed – full of disbelief at the somewhat impossibility by the team to scoring just one goal.

It was the last group game in the 2010 world cup and Nigeria was taking on South korea and for the first time that I can remember in a world cup, a team with just 3 points still had a chance of qualifying to the next round.

The game took a twist when the Korean team took the lead – for every Nigerian, that was not part of the script.

‘We’re supposed to beat Korea now,’ I groaned to myself in deep disappointment, particularly so after getting the information that Argentina was in the lead over Greece – just the perfect result Nigeria would need to move to the next round. And no sooner had I said that, the Nigerian team made a sweeping move and then the winger cut the ball back to his team mate who was in space, in front of an empty net.

I jumped up screaming, ‘goal!’ And just then in utter disbelief I watched in horror as one of our star players coming into the tournament floundered the opportunity – if you’re a Nigerian and you connect to soccer in any way, you should remember that moment because that miss has since become legendary.

(Aiyegbeni aiiyehgbeni verb, adv 1. To miss, Waste an opportunity 2. Re- write history)
*! Advanced Dictionary*

While we’re very quick to cast aspersions on athletes who miss opportunities (especially soccer enthusiasts), we sometimes fail to realise that in everyday life, we also are either Aiyegbeni-ing opportunities missing opportunities or scoring goals.

There are many reasons why people like athletes don’t hit their goals (especially long term goals) but within the scope of this article, I will highlight two foundational reasons and then in subsequent articles in the series, we will relate with practices that if adopted will make us the type of persons that will become more effective in scoring our set goals. This is a solution based method and its very effective because instead of glossing over the many reasons why you don’t score your goals, it shows you practises that when you adopt will automatically get you into the Messi and Ronaldo zone – Ruthless Scorers!

The most permanent and more effective way to stop a bad habit is not to stop a bad habit, it is to replace the bad habit with a more desirable habit

Reason 1 – You Don’t Have A Goal
No matter how good I get to coach you, no matter how much motivation I get to put into you, if its not enough to inspire you to start up on having a goal, then there’s no way you’re going to score anything.

There’s no law that says you can’t take a pause right now from reading this to form mental images of where you’d like any part of your life to be, by …let’s say the end of february (that’s a goal you just set for yourself…congratulations). If you don’t know where to start from, you can get help here.

Not having a goal in life is like Barcelona under Pep Guadiola playing against a locally selected side, no matter how one sided the match would be, if there are no goal posts, the final score would be 0-0 -Without Purpose.

REASON 2 – Not Writing Down Your Goals
And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, so he may run that reads it. – Scripture

A research carried out in the United States that spanned over a period of 25 years showed among the respondents that only 13% had goals, the other 87% were just living their life as it comes. From amongst the 13%, only 3% had their goals written down. It would interest you to know that after 25 years, the 3% that wrote their goals down accomplished fifty to hundred times more than the 10% that didn’t write down their goals.

This information may not strike a chord with everybody, I understand that. Some people are content living their lives on a ‘hit or miss’ basis but some others -like you- would rather take a more predictable path to success – and that’s why this information is for you.

As we look to learn to score that goal in the subsequent articles in this series, the important thing to note is that while scoring goals is important, who you become in the process of scoring goals is way more important.

And as you become that person, you will not just score goals – you’ll be tearing nets *winks*.

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