The Morning After

The Morning After


Ikoyi, Lagos.


‘Bode, this is wrong.’ Dunni said, looking not at all pleased. ‘Why would you record it? For what purpose were you intending to use it for?’

Bode looked rather dis-interested in the conversation as he fiddled with his phone. ‘My break time actually ends by 1:45pm and I’m already fifteen minutes late. We have talked over this for the past thirty minutes and because of your too much talk I couldn’t eat the way I normally eat,’ Bode said, his face creasing into a smile that quickly disappeared as Dunni’s look didn’t seem ready to entertain jokes.

‘I beg you Bode, just delete the videos. The one on your phone and the one you say you copied on your laptop in the house. You have made my friend’s life a living hell. Please’.

‘Wait,’ Bode gestured to his cousin sitting across the table. ‘Don’t get sanctimonious with me. If I remember correctly, you were the one that collected thirty thousand bucks from me to deliver her to the party. I’m not a pastor but if my sunday school is right, the number thirty sure rings a bell…chimes like Judas to me’.

Dunni stared at her cousin with shock clearly registered on her face, she was not sure if she was hearing him talk or a ghost that resembled him. ‘I never asked that you rape her or make a video of it,’ she protested rather weakly. ‘Bode…’

‘Hold it,’ Bode interjected. ‘I’m sure Funmi would like to know that you put a price on her and also that you knew her drink was drugged. If you didn’t want me to rape her or make a video of it, what did you want me to do? Get her autograph?’ Bode spat out, his tone dripping with sarcasm.

‘You surprise me…you really have changed.’ Dunni grinded her teeth in fury as she grabbed her bag and made to leave but Bode held her hand, his eyes entreating her to stay back.

‘Get her to come with you to my birthday bash on friday, I’ll delete the videos. I promise’.

Dunni freed herself from his grip but without the anger with which she had risen from her chair. She had acquiesced to his suggestion, as usual. Her cousin was a manipulative bastard and she had never found the strength to bluff him.

Bode watched her retreating figure till she got out of sight. He had made a claim to going back to work as his break time was over but now that he was alone, he felt no desire to leave his chair. He stared at his reflection in the glass partitions of the eatery.

He had changed. He knew but he couldn’t help it. He traced the lines of the now fading scar on his forehead, just at the start of his hairline with his finger. Time had tried its best to heal his physical wounds but his emotional wounds were still as fresh as that thursday night, the fourteenth day of february, 2008.

He had arrived in Benin after almost an eight hour trip from Kaduna where he was doing his youth service. He just couldn’t wait to see the look in Julia’s eyes. She would pass out with pleasure, he kept telling himself.

She was in her final year and had moved in to his apartment immediately he graduated. He had actually forced her to take over the one bedroom apartment at the BDPA housing estates opposite the university’s main campus as he wanted her to be very comfortable in her last year in school. He left the apartment without taking a pin and even went ahead to pay the rents for the next year just to cover Julia’s expenses. He loved her that much and besides, he could afford it.

As he stepped into the gate, he saw a black Honda CRV parked in the compound. So this is why Julia can’t stop talking about a CRV, he smiled to himself. He never knew the landlord had such a taste for cars, but you know, people change.

It was all planned. The flowers, the gown, the dinner…the valentine, it was meticulously planned out. All his savings marshalled out to please the love of his life, the woman of his dreams and his soon to be wife. He was a sucker for love and he was very proud to be.

He knocked on the door, with the flower in his right hand, hid behind him, while his left hand held his bag. He had his boyish smile on – the one that highlighted his dimples and made him irresistible. He was ready for the tarraaaah! when the door opened and a man in his early thirties stood at the entrance with questioning eyes.

‘Yes?’ The stranger asked.

‘I’m here to see Julia,’ he replied. The expression on his face already switched to a frown. The damage though had been done as that boyish smile, already made him look so much like a clown.

‘Jules, someone is here to see you,’ the stranger called out to her as he stepped back into the apartment, shutting the door.

He stood there not sure what was happening. He knew the plot but it seemed so unreal. His own ‘Julia’ was whom this guy just called ‘Jules’ and in an apartment that was somehow still his.

The door opened again and Efe, Julia’s friend stepped out. ‘Bode,’ She shrieked in shock, her eyes filled with fear. Before he could reply, Julia stepped out with the stranger whose hands were wrapped around her waist. ‘Julia’. The words had escaped from his mouth before he could stop them. They revealed his pain.

‘Meet my fiance, Frank. And Frankie, this is my ex Bode.’

He felt a wrenching pain in his heart as she spoke out those words, he made to grab her hand, but she pulled back instinctively causing Frank to come between them.

‘I hope there’s not a problem,’ Frank said, his fingers knotting into a fist.

Bode ignored him. If this was a movie, this would be the scene where he would land a punch right on the cheek of this imposter but sadly enough, it wasn’t a movie and he didn’t graduate with a second class upper in mechanical engineering by being stupid. The guy standing in front of him would beat him silly if it boiled down to physical combat and he wasn’t in the mood for a beat down – he just wanted his girl.

He remembered being left behind with Efe while Julia waltzed off with Frank, right into the Honda CRV -her dream car- to God knows where. As he walked to the bus-stop to take a bus to the park, he felt a tear drop scalding his cheek. He quickly wiped it off. ‘I won’t cry for a girl,’ he muttered to himself, His face wrinkled in pain. He had never been heart broken before in his life, Julia was his first and only love. He felt feverish and his knees wobbled, while his heart shook with every step he took, like it would fall out of position. The pain was real, heartbreak was hell.

As the bus journeyed out of Benin to Abuja, he got tortured every bit of the way as the speakers boomed out one love song after another.

‘Valentine things,’ a fellow passenger cooed, smiling sheepishly.

He eyed her and placed his head on the seat in front of him. He felt like a thousand needles were pricking his heart.

He can’t forget the song that was playing when it happened, it was Michael Bolton’s, Baby you don’t know what it’s like, Baby you don’t know what it’s like, to love somebody…and then the loud blast of a burst tire…passengers screaming…and baam! Blackout.

Countless heartbreaks, three sex tapes and a rape later, his evolution was complete. Amaka was his first sex tape victim, Funmi his first rape victim and the fun was just starting. Bode Johnson 2.0 was an animal and girls were going to pay for the pains Julia served him. He smiled wickedly at the glassed partition, liking the image of his reflection. ‘I will give them money and I will serve them pain,’ he said as he rose up from his chair and made it back to the office.

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    1. @adefunke62 That for me is the big deal...I waited one full week to hear word on funmi and see the way, he stylishly avoids saying anything about her. Really thrilling piece and I'm loving it...just don't let anything happen to funmi.

  1. Bode missed the whole point. Most people have suffered from heart break and there is never a time that revenge on others will help with that feeling of pain he felt from Jules.

  2. Please I would like to know if this a fiction or real life story? Bode will destroy himself in the end, if he jam heartless woman, with small money an hired assasin can be send after him, he should becareful, to Funmi, love all, trust none.

  3. Waiting for d next edition. Bode is an animal ..........but wait, y do I ve a feeling dat Bode nd Funmi will sooner or later fall into true lv. Eagerly waiting for d nxt edition. *fingers crossed*


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