The Morning After

The Morning After

SATURDAY, MARCH 8th, 2014.

Isolo, Lagos.


Dunni looked at her phone in exasperation, she had been trying to call Funmi but the calls just wouldn’t connect as her primary line was switched off while her alternate line was dropping calls. She had called earlier in the morning, only for it to ring out.

‘Atleast she should have seen my missed calls and called me back’, Dunni complained to no one in particular. The last time she had heard from Funmi was two weeks ago, the last tuesday in the month of February to be precise, when Funmi had called her to enquire if she had succeeded in getting Bode to delete the videos.

If she had been told that Bode would make a video of her friend and then blackmail her with it, she would have sworn on his behalf that it was not possible, but after what happened this past wednesday where he even threatened her, she wasn’t so sure anymore.

As for the rape? All men are rapists and she really didn’t understand why Funmi was taking this matter overboard. She could understand how it felt to be disvirgined via rape because uncle George had raped her too as a virgin when she was only sixteen and when she had told her mum about it, all she got for a response was, ‘please don’t let your daddy know, he will drive my brother, your uncle out of the house and there’s no where else for him to go and he’ll be homeless and that will be your fault’.

She remembered very vividly how her mum had told her to keep shut about the incident as raped victims don’t get husbands when they talk, going as far as to subtly infer that it was her fault she got raped. Her dad never got to know because she never told him, but her life definitely never remained the same.

She had known Funmi since she was ten as both of them had gone to the same secondary school but had only become very close friends to the point of being called sisters when her dad had come visiting her in school and met his university school mate and friend who happened to be Funmi’s dad. The bond had grown as she automatically now had two fathers, Funmi’s and hers and would later get to spend holidays at the home of the Badejos. The flip side however was that as the bond grew, so did the tendency for her dad to compare her with Funmi.

‘Funmi had seven A’s in her W.A.E.C and you could only just scrape through,’ her dad had moaned waving her result slip at her face in the sitting room. He visibly wasn’t pleased and it became even worse when Funmi afterwards got admission to read chemical engineering in the university and she didn’t make it in. He didn’t shout at her. He just waved his head, ‘and she’s your mate,’ he hissed. ‘And to think that you’re even older than her with three months’. And when she finally got her admission a year later and had gladly broke the news to him, all he said was, ‘so we won’t have peace in this house because you got admission to read sociology in school, when your junior is in her second year studying chemical engineering. I’m proud of you’.

She loved Funmi as a friend and maybe as a sister but she just couldn’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy at the perfect state of her life. Nobody had the right to such a beautiful life and this was where Bode fit into the plot – a playboy extraordinairre. He was supposed to be the dirt in the glittering diamond called Funmi. He was the one to make her fall in love and like a serial playboy that she knew he was, cause her pain by breaking her heart -not rape her. Okay, maybe force himself on her but definitely not make a video of it. She liked Funmi as a friend but not as someone who made her feel like second grade.

She tried calling the numbers again but they still wouldn’t connect. ‘Thank God, the petrol scarcity is over, I’ll just go and visit,’ she sighed, finally giving up on calling.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

SATURDAY, MARCH 8th, 2014.

Magodo, Lagos.


Bode checked his fridge to see if there was any remnant from yesterday’s party but all he could find were drinks. He was tired of drinking. He had slept throughout the day, a hangover from yesterday’s party. It was a blast of a party with the only hitch being the absence of Funmi. He had made plans for her but she didn’t come. Even Dunni didn’t come but there were plenty of girls around to make the place a lot of fun.

It was time to up the ante as it was obvious Funmi wasn’t ready to play ball. He fingers roved on his laptop’s touch pad as he now expertly uploaded the video and sent the file. In about three hours, the video would be published and he would send the link to that bitch. She obviously thought he was bluffing. He moved the cursor to ‘Valentine 2012’ and clicked on it. A smile playing on his lips as he watched scenes from his very first sextape. Amaka Obi was the closest he could ever get to a perfect sextape. She was happily married now oblivious of her status as a porn star. He licked his lips as he thought of the phrase happily married. Funmi was his next toy and he would make sure she feels the wrath of the beast called Bode.

He picked up his phone, tapping on his keypads as he sent a text to Funmi, he wanted it to be the first thing she saw when she woke up.
You made a big mistake by not coming to the party yesterday, it was your chance for a truce. I’ll send you the link when the video is published, you’re about to get famous.

As he smacked his lips at the seemingly perfect construction of his threat text, there was a beep on his phone. It was a text message. He picked up his phone, not sure who was texting. He didn’t want to believe it was Funmi as she had never replied any of his messages before. Or maybe she couldn’t withstand the fire in this text? He salivated as he thought of the possibility of the text being from her and fantasized about her begging him. The text was from an unregistered number and so he had another milli second of suspense as he scrolled up to the text to read it.

You made a big mistake by making a video of how you raped me. What stronger evidence does the judge need? You’re about to spend the rest of your life in hell! Funmi.

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  1. It's getting interesting.

    Hope Naija due process is followed here.

    In future you can publish this as a novel.


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