letters by funmi

letters by funmi

I said No!
He heard Yes!
I meant Go
He ingressed

Now I’m in a state of denial-
Belial has plundered my estate, I’m pariah
The pains that I feel are like wires
Being drawn through my skin with a dagger

He didn’t come with the keys
He broke the door
I see blood on the sheets
‘feel weak and sore

Swept off my feet
By a king in my fantasy
Knocked off my feet
By a thief in reality

I feel the rage of the rain
Under the showers of my pain
Hot scalding droplets
I’m so crushed, I’m so worthless

Calm down Funmi, calm down
But how can I when I’ve been brought down
Slow down Funmi, slow down
Not ne-ce-ssary cos’ I’m on rundown

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