I saw you and my heart stopped
Twas in front of the bank and I got robbed
Not of cash bills but my heartbeat
And ever since, I’ve been lovesick

Tall and caramel coloured
Sculptured like an hour glass
Turned this sharp man to an obolor
But I wouldn’t let this chance pass

Spoke my heart in a poem
Won your love with my poem
Your best line of the poem
Was that ‘We’d live our life like a poem

My muse, my oxygen
My fuel, my energy
Your love inspires me
To pen lines and craft poetry

First friends – then lovers
From lovers to best friends
A poetry relationship
Our love-volution never ends

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  1. Choi! This is Art.... Perfect words for a cold June 12 morning . This caramel hour glass shaped beauty tho....*winks*


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