You Are The CEO

You Are The CEO

All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You – Tom Peters.

Some years ago as an employee in the very first company I worked for, I had reason to open a new account with a bank. As I walked into the ‘account opening’ section of the bank, I noticed the account officers were busy with customers and so I took my seat ‘quietly’, bringing out my phone to make the best use of my time as I waited for my turn.

‘Hello Sir,’ they both chorused at the same time.

I raised my head up from my phone, just to see how much closer it was to getting to my turn only to discover that I was the person being called.

It would have been easy for me to just jump up and go over the table and get my business done without bothering about the queue – afterall I was called – but there was just a little snag. From amongst the three people in front of me, two of them were my bosses in the office.

I had this look on my face that showed my hesitation, while trying to signal to the account officers that I was still some places behind in the queue, but they just wouldn’t let up as they urged me on. ‘Sir, please come up,’ one of the ladies insisted, paying little or no attention to the other customers.

I got up from my chair with a quick look to my bosses as if to say, you know this is not my fault, while walking up to the available account officer to conduct my business while my bosses in the office had this bemused look on their faces.

This is not to applaud the customer service system of the bank at that time but it is to relate an account of an event as it exactly happened.

Fast forward two years later and I’m in a seminar and the facilitator seems to be striking home runs with me and then he says the big one, ‘write down your name and put Inc. In front of it,’ he said, showing on the screen, an example of what he was telling us. ‘You’re not as ordinary as you think you are, you’re a corporation.’


That to me was big, I scribbled it down, Aideyan Daniel Inc. It was my introduction to the CEO of Me concept.

It took me a seminar to get a better grasp of what happened in that banking hall some years ago. While I was a much junior officer (XYZ Inc.) in comparison to my bosses who were managers in the environment of my company (XYZ Inc.), in the banking hall however, I had carried myself as a CEO (Me Inc.) while my managers had remained managers (XYZ Inc.), and had carried themselves as such or maybe less by their chattering and shoddy dressing.

The CEO of Me Concept created a shift in my mindset, as where previously I dressed neat and sharp because I wanted to look good (Fashion Sense), now I dressed neat and sharp because I had to look good (Personal Branding).

Getting ahead (Marketability) for me ceased from being a scatter-gun approach to a more deliberate scientific method. My life has changed since then.

I would like to tell you more of what the knowledge of this concept has helped me become but that will be after I lead you through the same exercise from the seminar.

Get a sheet of paper or type it into the scratch pad on your device, your full names and then place the word ‘Inc.’ in front of it.

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken – Oscar Wilde

Take the moment and savour the feeling, those words you just wrote or typed down are as valuable as you see them to be. The power resides with you, You are the CEO of Me Inc.

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    1. @Akinwale Olabisi Inc. great to see you incorporated, but its better to see that you're still digesting incorporating you is not a dash but a marathon. its a process and its nice to know we're on the trip together.


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