Would You Buy Yourself?

Would You Buy Yourself?

You too are a brand. Whether you know it or not. Whether you like it or not – Marc Ecko

Last week we talked about incorporating you and we did a little exercise by asking us to write down our names with the Inc. Tag in front of it. Some of us actually went ahead to drop ours in the comments section like Akinwale Olabisi Inc. and Auxano Inc. And believe me, apart from both of the names looking good on the page, it served as their commitment towards taking action.

Let’s do a little CEO competency test to evaluate how well you have done as the CEO of Me Inc. (Whether deliberately or not) in the past few years.

If the shares of your company – Me Inc. (in my case, Aideyan Daniel Inc.) were being offered today in the market, would you buy it?

If that illustration doesn’t sell it, then surely this should. ‘if you were on the shelf in a supermarket, would you buy you?’

Don’t just skim through, take a minute to think about it and then answer the question, Would you really buy you off a shelf?

I know some people would look away and make sure they avoid that section till they get out of the supermarket on that day and probably mentally quarantine that area on future visits. And if you’re currently wondering if the above illustrations on whether or not you’d buy yourself off a shelf affects your life, I’ll tell you for free that it does.

Everyday we walk the face of the earth, we’re in a market place constantly trying to sell ourselves, whether or not we recognise the fact. In a job interview, in a business meeting, in an audition and in several other interactions of our day to day activities. If we can’t get ‘us’ to buy ‘us’, as from the above illustrations, how then do we plan to sell ‘us’ to others when we need to?

In Gary Dahl’s Why Customers Choose Your Business Over The Competition, he listed a total of 6 reasons why customers choose one business/brand over another. All of the 6 reasons can be fused into the two listed below.

1. Value

The first reason customers ‘want’ to go for a product is the value they perceive the product will add up to the equation.

What do you know about you?

What value do you bring to the equation?

Value is the essence of who you are as a corporation and a brand. It is the capacity that defines what the potential worth of the brand is and it is also what will ensure the loyalty or otherwise of the customer.

In trying to know what ‘value’ you bring to the equation, you can use the feature – benefit rule that global brands use, in which they list their features and then go ahead to show how each feature is of benefit to the customer.

If one of the features you list for yourself is excellence, you should then state in the benefits section how sticking to excellence as a person can be of benefit to your potential customers. When you do same for all the features you have written down, you will be getting an idea on the value you’re adding up to the equation.

Too many people over-value what they are not and under-value what they are – Malcom Forbes.

2. Packaging

The second reason customers go for a product is the packaging in which the product comes in and this includes the appearance and positioning of the product.

As a product, are you well packaged?

While the ‘Value’ of a Product is what keeps a customer, the ‘Packaging’ of the product is what attracts the customer.

A product (You) may have the requisite value to deliver to the customer but if it is not well packaged, it stands the risk of not being seen and thus pitching to the customer.

The packaging (Appearance and Positioning) of some brands (humans) is so carelessly done that no customer will touch them on the shelf, even with a ten feet long pole.

The ‘FOR SALE’ sign is a tag we all wear, whether we’re aware of it or not. Everyday sees us put on the shelf as we engage in our daily activities and it’s a combination of our ‘Value’ and ‘Packaging’ that will make the difference.

If you will not buy ‘you’ off the shelf, why should anyone?

You are the CEO of your corporation, the buck stops at your table. You are responsible for what your life looks like right now and for what it will look like in the future. You are a corporation – a brand – start living like you know it.

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  1. You always waooh me with your write up. God bless you. Of course Value and packaging will distinguish anybody or product from the crowd, it makes you standout but many of us neglect this. I will be more conscious of those two from now on. My price just shot sky rocket up. Lolz

  2. @Olabisi, its always nice to see your comments and to know that you got value from the post. if your value just shot up...then the essence of the post has been achieved.u.i.m


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