Hello people, I’m Aideyan Daniel, the Team Leader of AideYarn! With your kind permission, I would like to share this story with you. There was a guy who could put some words together and make them look good on paper…erm…atleast that’s what people said. Growing up he had scribbled stories on 20, 40, 60 leave notepads and then graduated to […]


You wanna know what I really love about TMA, its totally relateable! I feel its a true story sef! If I were Aideyarn I’m so gonna sell it to Superstory or the producers of Shuga :D. Bt asides all the drama, drz a lesson for every1 which mkes TMA nt only a good read bt a recommended text to everyone […]


The Wages Of Sin Today’s feature presentation is from Banjo Bankole Sijuade, and it brings to a close this special Month of Features package, to mark our one year milestone. It is our way of appreciating the works of other writers but most especially, it’s our way of celebrating you, our reader. Enjoy ‘The Wages Of Sin‘ by Banjo Sijuade. […]


Taken It is still the month of our ‘One’ year milestone (its actually tomorrow, the 17th of August). It would be nice to know what your favourite post (or episode, if its for a serial) has been on AideYarn! for this period and you can put that up in the comments section or tweet at us @aideyandaniel or @aideyarn. The […]


Taken Guess what peeps? Your blog, AideYarn! is going to be One on the 17th of this month and it seems like the journey just started yesterday -with a wonderful company like you on the journey, it’s been great. To mark this milestone, it would be nice to know what your favourite post (or episode, if its for a serial) […]


The Ebola Virus Okay I agree, it’s the e- era and everything is going on e- format, from e-payment to e-transfer and now to e-bola, everything, truly is going on the e-platform. This is the point. Patrick Sawyerr has become quite a popular figure in the last two weeks in Nigeria and that popularity cuts across both relational and business […]


Taken It’s always my pleasure to have you right here on this page. It’s the second day of August and I’d like to say a happy new month to all of my readers and also to let you know that this month, we’ll be having two of my favourite Nigerian writers light up Off The Record with their works. Enjoy […]