Shades of Deceit
shades of deceit

You wanna know what I really love about TMA, its totally relateable! I feel its a true story sef! If I were Aideyarn I’m so gonna sell it to Superstory or the producers of Shuga :D. Bt asides all the drama, drz a lesson for every1 which mkes TMA nt only a good read bt a recommended text to everyone I know…
– Des Member AideYarn

…This was wonderful and i’m sure sometime from now i’ll be wondering whether ‘THE MORNING AFTER’ was a story i once read or a movie i watched. 😉 ‘Cus that’s how well you wrote it.
*Clapping*, ’twas fun
– Kwiksie Member Naija Stories

I must say the Badejos went through alot and I’m glad Bode got his comeuppance…It was an honour to read out your tales “The Morning After” #Tales@NightTime #smoothsessions @Smooth981FM”
– OlajumokeBello OAP Smooth98.1FM #TheMorningAfter

…As her finger ran along the desk, memories of countless escapades on top of the desk flooded her mind but the memory of the first time, stood out from the others -it was a classic.

‘We can’t do this,’ she pleaded, as they took a break from their long kiss.

‘Why?’ he asked, his eyes fierce like that of a predator.

She thought of a reason why they couldn’t do it and all of a sudden there was none, afterall she wanted it too. ‘You’re a man of God,’ she said almost in a whisper. Cursing herself deep down for the words that just came out of her mouth and hoping that he didn’t hear them.

‘You’re right, I’m a man of God,’ He said, his hands still wrapped around her waist, eyes staring deep into hers. ‘But I’m first a man, before I’m of God and right now, the man in this man of God wants this beautiful lady,’ he whispered into her ears as he lifted her up from the ground, sitting her gently on the desk…

From the creators of the much acclaimed serial, ‘The Morning After’ comes another scintillating and nail-biting thriller …’Shades Of Deceit’.

Catch the Premier of ‘Shades Of Deceit’ right here on AideYarn by 10:00am on Saturday, the 13th day of September or be among the select few who will get a free V.I.P pass to premiere ‘Shades Of Deceit’, on Thursday, the 11th day of September by filling out your email address in the form below and clicking on the ‘follow’ button.

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Shades Of Deceit…Man is a complex animal.

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  1. My fingers are crossed, can't wait for SOD. On a lighter note, how come any of my comments weren't shortlisted, lol. Great work.

    1. @PJ thanks so much for dropping ur comments, I'll ask the Team why they didn't choose any of ur comments...I'm suprised myself *winks*...thanks for stopping by.u.i.m

  2. Waiting, it promise to be interesting and a lot of lessons to learn from it, the most important thing to me in all these stories is the lesson I can learn from it.


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