Get Off The Blocks
Get Off The Blocks

Hello people, I’m Aideyan Daniel, the Team Leader of AideYarn! With your kind permission, I would like to share this story with you.

There was a guy who could put some words together and make them look good on paper…erm…atleast that’s what people said.

Growing up he had scribbled stories on 20, 40, 60 leave notepads and then graduated to writing in thick-back, 120 leave notepads.

He dreamt of becoming a great writer with best-sellers to his name and then along the way -life happened, and he stopped writing.

He began to look from afar -a spectator- at those whom deep inside of him, he knew were living a semblance of his dreams, and you would hear him say words like, ‘but I can do better than that…’

‘She’s just connected, there’s nothing special about her writing…’

Its in the Spectators, you will always find a ‘Hater’, the Players are too busy with the Game

Tired of his whining, his girlfriend, a lover of literary works chided him, ‘if you really do love writing like you claim you do, you should write something or better still, start a blog.

‘You know I love writing but I don’t have the time, especially for a blog,’ he replied, a proof of his ignorance on full display.

Excuses are the building blocks of a failure

‘I don’t know whether you love writing because I can’t see any sign,’ she replied and turned her gaze back to reading the story on her phone.

Pursuit is the Proof of Desire

The guy above is coincidentally also named Aideyan Daniel but trust me, he is different from the guy gisting with you right now, this one is a Mind-a-morphosed version.

Coming out from being the lead speaker of the Prize winning team in a public speaking competition and of course with the usual push from my girlfriend, I made the ‘decision’ (See Take Action) to start a blog (there’s no time to tell of the abandoned first attempt on blogger).

Filled with doubts and fear, I started out with a target of one post per week even though Mr. Laziness made me feel like I wouldn’t go past the 10th post. Before I would type a single word for a post, I had to first surmount the daunting task of naming the blog.

I called it AideYarn!

The story of the origin of that name is for another edition of Yarn 360 but it will interest you to know that it was coined from my surname, Aideyan.

This is one year after and this Yarn 360 post is officially the 63rd post of AideYarn! (Which beats the target of 1 post per week in a year -not bad for a lazy writer hunh? *smiles* and yes I know some posts are featured).

In this past year, AideYarn! has recorded a lot of successes in that we have had several of our posts receiving high acclaims and even syndicated with our flagship series, The Morning After enjoying tremendous success on platforms like Naija Stories, Tales @ Night Time on Smooth 98.1FM and a debut on The Naked Convos slated for September.

We have achieved all of these so far, not because we can write, but because YOU -yes this same YOU- have kept faith with us in this journey by reading, commenting, following via email and applying the knowledge shared in our articles.

The essence of knowledge is, having it, to apply it; not having it, to confess your ignorance – Confucius

This blog is a home to hundreds of people each week and while we appreciate our ghost readers for helping us rack up Hits point, we would like thank our commenters for being there, with a special mention to our top three commenters, Imar, Beezy4lord and PJ. Your comments have brightened our faces on those long days when even though we can see the hits clock counting, we needed those comments to spike our happy gauge.


To the followers of AideYarn! (25 in number as at the time of writing this post) I would like to say thank you for the absolute faith in this product.

This is why we are rewarding all our followers via email, with a V.I.P access to the screening of the new A! Serial, Shades Of Deceit.

We have actually set a target to hit a 100 followers before the end of this year from our present number of 25 and I trust we (You and I) can do it together.

All it takes is for you to fill in your email address in the form below and click on the follow button and Baam! you too can enjoy the V.I.P access.

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As I close up people, I would like to say that our Yarn 360 word for this anniversary is START!

If I had kept up with my excuses and didn’t start, you will not be reading this right now and we obviously would never have connected.

So what have you have been stalling on, all these years?

If by reading this post, you’re helping someone’s dreams come true, I think it’s time to get your butt up, get off the blocks, shut down the excuses and Just do it!

If you have any objections to that, feel free to spill it in the comments section and yes I’m ready to take on your questions from the very personal to the strictly formal.

My Name is Aideyan Daniel and this is Yarn 360.

I'm a Christian, MinDeveloper, Thinker, Entrepreneur and a Yarner.


  1. I appreciate my bn acknowledged, I got to know abt this blog thru ur Sis, my Sis Beckie, lol , initially I would read n move on, sometimes I won't finish reading the posts until TMA, waooh!,if u wanna get any message across to me start it in a story form. I will suggest as many follower of this blog to always rbc the Link, by so doing, more followers will b added, it was thru Beckie's Bc that I got to know of this blog. You too Dee Dee, you can always add free to share or pls rbc at the end of ur links b4 sending it out. I pray this Blog will grow to win international award soon and all your dream wl become a reality IJN. Truly I enjoy bn here and thanks to ur GF that inspired you to start. God bless you all @ team AideYarn.

    1. @beezy4lord ...thanks for being there...and DeeDee? *smiles* new name. your contribution is always welcome and yes....do feel free to share links....its a great way to be a part of the team. thanks Beezy4lord


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