Shades Of Deceit
Shades Of Deceit

Hello Yarners, its always fun doing this weekly report because ‘You’ have found a way to make every week special on AideYarn.

First on the beat this week is to announce the successful Premiere of Shades Of Deceit #RadioVersion, where we were excellently rated by the voting listeners. We say a big thank you to our very own  Princess of Radio, “The Midnight Mistress”, Olajumoke Bello (@OlajumokeBello) who made the the radio Premiere an A! Experience.  Shades Of Deceit will continue on Monday by 10PM and also on Wednesday at exactly the same time. It will be great to have you join the show on Smooth 98.1FM.

Next on the beat is to let you know that for the first time ever on AideYarn we’ll be taking a Poll on the blog, which deals mainly on seeking to know why 65% of women (Statistically proven) go ahead to marry partners who have abused them during courtship … lets find out.

Lastly, our special mentions for this week goes out to Adewale (again?!) …’everyone is feeling this guy’s comments so much, I had no choice but to put him up again, Zikora for the educative epistle (challenged our Longest Comment on the Blog Record) she scribbled on the page…(I read it like 3x), Olajumoke (for the consistency of her feed-back since this series began) and of course to ‘You’ for supporting us by re-posting the links on BBM and Whatsapp, sharing on Facebook and also for the re-tweets on Twitter. You guys are the ‘bestest bunch’.

And to the real deal of the day – Shades Of Deceit V – Read, Enjoy and drop a Feedback!

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In the previous episode of Shades of Deceit

*** *** ***

His assaults had since become more planned and strategic as the three other times he had hit her was either on a Thursday or a Friday…’Please, no one must know of this,’ Michael pleaded as she looked at him with disdain.

‘I thought you said you both had nothing between yourselves?’ she asked…

Michael was quiet.

‘You will sack her immediately…And if you must have a personal assistant, then I will choose that person,’ she continued, her mind already set on Nike whom she trusted and was like a younger sister to her.

*** *** ***

‘Romantic apology card? Check.

10 sweet cherries & 12 swizzled strawberry chocolates? Check.

3 dozen long stemmed red roses? Check.

Diamonds? Check.

Sweet session of lovemaking? Check.Check.Check…

Pastor Michael Igbinedion smiled to himself, nodding his head as Mr Nweke’s mouth opened and closed. He wasn’t hearing one word, but that was no problem, there was always a bible verse to fill up that space. He had to close up the session…so he could go and prepare for the very long night that was surely ahead in the home of the Igbinedions.

*** *** *** 

//Sins. Of. Days. Past//




Wuse 2, Abuja.


‘Table for two?’ The waiter who was smartly dressed in a white shirt hidden behind a black waistcoat and tucked into a black pant trousers with a black tie to match asked, as soon as they stepped into the restaurant.

Priye could feel an aura of celebration as Ben pulled out a chair for her to sit. He had insisted on doing it, even though the waiter was already set on the task. He had been smiling all evening on their way down to the restaurant.

‘You’ve been smiling, what’s the news?’ She asked, searching his eyes with a smile.

‘Just be patient Madame P, the night has only just begun,’ Ben replied, his eyes set on the road before him.

He was visibly excited.

If only he knew that she was aware that his excitement was about the new salary package for pastors and church staff, maybe he wouldn’t guard it so jealously. She indulged him, feigning ignorance as she couldn’t also defend how she had gotten the news.

How could she tell him that the senior pastor had told her as they both lay cuddled in bed after a steaming session?

She rolled her eyes as the thoughts of that night ran through her mind.

‘I can see you like the place,’ Ben said as he watched her roll her eyes.

‘It’s a lovely place,’ she replied smiling. Her attention back in the present.

Ben put out his hands to close up hers. He loved this woman so much. He couldn’t wait till they were officially married so he could finally know her fully as a husband.

All he knew right now was the fragile nature of her ribs when they greeted in a side-hug, the softness of her palms as they held hands when they went for their strolls in the park and of course that magic moment when their lips touched for two seconds in what nobody would call a ‘k’, talk less of a ‘k’iss.

She had pulled herself away expertly from his arms. We can’t do that until we’re married.

That was the day she won his heart.

He knew she was not a virgin, she had told him that much, but she had also told him that she wanted to do things rightly this time. She was just his dream woman. Posh, beautiful, classy, real, intelligent, minister in songs and definitely God-fearing.

‘What?’ Priye asked, ‘You’ve been staring at me for the past thirty seconds. ‘Besides…’ She glanced sideways at the waiter who had been standing by their table since they arrived, waiting for instructions.

‘You know I love staring at you,’ He answered, ‘it’s my favourite past-time.’

She smiled.

‘I’m sorry,’ Ben said to the waiter who responded with a slight bow. ‘We’ll be having the specials for the night.’

Priye glossed through the page. It contained a lot of intercontinental dishes. She wondered what the specials for the night would be.

She allowed her eyes to scan the place as Ben excused himself to the gents. In front of her was the LED menu board with the bright lights blinking WELCOME.

As the waiter placed the tray of what obviously was the hors d’oeuvres, her taste buds went to work as she gazed at the tempting array of snacks before her. They were beautiful to look at.

‘And this would be called?’

‘Canapé Madame,’ the waiter replied as he gave a slight bow and took his leave.

She dipped her fingers into the tray, having previously washed her hands. She couldn’t bother to wait for Ben as the tray was too tempting to resist.

She guided the snack carefully into her mouth. It tasted heavenly. And just as she lifted up her head slightly, she saw it. It was her name being read out on the LED menu board.


It blinked at her severally. She stopped, very surprised. The snack in her hand, refusing to come up to her mouth. What was happening? Her mind was in a haze.

She looked towards the door that Ben had disappeared into, hoping he would emerge soon as she didn’t know what to make of the situation and just then, her name scrolled up from the middle of the board to the top and she choked for a second as she saw the words displayed on the board.


The snack fell off her fingers as she felt a slight tap on her shoulders. Still masked in surprise, she turned around to see Ben on bended knees, holding out a ring bedded in a case to her.

Ben was talking, but she couldn’t hear him.

She was in cloud nine.

This doesn’t happen in Nigeria, no Nigerian man, let alone a pastor, would be this romantic.

Her head was fuzzy. She felt the tears roll down her face and all she could hear herself say, was ‘Yes!’

*** *** ****
Lokogoma, Abuja.


Amaka Obi Ezenwa sighed and fell back on the couch, the single piece of furniture in what was the sitting room of the Boys Quarters that she had recently rented and just moved into.

After five months of reconciliatory meetings, pleas and false hopes, the reality of the situation was becoming very clear -her marriage was over.

She sighed again.

She stared at the ceiling tiles as her mind travelled back to that Monday, the 13th day February, 2012, when Bode walked into the bank. He looked very handsome, and as usual had all the females gushing like they had always done when he was still working at the bank.

He was with an oil servicing company now and he looked every inch the part.

‘Is Amaka around,’ He asked a colleague as he rounded up his transactions. She was right at his back.

‘So because I have caught you in your sneaking moves, you have suddenly decided to ask after me, right?’ She teased.

‘Aah! You know that’s not possible,’ Bode replied smiling. His dimples in full force as he took her by the hand, leading her out of the banking hall.

‘So tell me what is?’ She asked as she followed him to the car park. ‘I can see that you have started paying your valentine dues into the accounts of your many girlfriends.’

Bode laughed heartily. ‘Why won’t I have many girlfriends when you abandoned me for an Abuja big boy, besides I’m spending this valentine with you,’ he said matter of factly. ‘Or would you rather spend it alone?’ He asked.

‘And who says I’m spending it alone? It’s just 2pm and there’s still a 4pm flight to Abuja you know,’ her eyes glinting even as she spoke.

‘Oh I see,’ Bode said with his trademark smile playing on his lips. ‘So I don’t get one last date before you say ‘I do’, right?’

‘No you don’t,’ she cooed, ‘and that’s cos’ you’re a very bad boy.’

They both laughed as Bode said his goodbyes, letting out two sharp honks as his car strolled out of the park.

He was a man she once loved and while they were together for roughly more than a year, they actually had a proper relationship for only three months. The other times, what they had was undefined.

Bode was always distracted by other women, but the only woman whom she truly considered as a true competition was a ghost. She was his ex -Julia.

He never got to share with her what happened between them but she could feel it on several occasions, that she was only a rebound. His heart had been scarred too deeply by his break-up and he was still not ready for a relationship.

‘Thank you for spending the day with me, I had fun’ Bode said as they walked up to the car, his right hand placed lightly on her waist, as he opened the door for her.

‘I had fun too,’ she said when he joined her in the car.

‘You know you always have fun when you’re with me,’ his fingers scanning the radio stations for God knows what.

She heard the tune as the scan skipped past and as she reached out for his hand to stop him, he stopped abruptly. He had heard the tune too.

Turn up the bass, turn up the treble,
I’m about to take it to a whole another level!

‘DJ turn off what you’re playing,’ they chorused at the same time, singing along with T-pain and Chris Brown, as the track, Best Love Song, boomed out from the radio.

They burst out laughing.

‘This will forever remain our jam,’ Bode said, as his hand squeezed hers.

She smiled. She could hear the mush in his voice as much as she could feel the butterflies in her stomach.

The car was electric.

‘And now we’re in the car and she touching me…’ Bode continued soloing with T-pain, paraphrasing when it suited him.

‘I’m not touching you,’ she countered almost in a whisper. It was a mistake to have spoken as her hormones were louder than the words she had just said.

Go ‘head and kiss your baby
And now we’ve got the whole stadium in love like eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

She knew he would try to kiss her when the song reached that point and as much she tried to build a resistance for the moment, she felt herself go as his lips touched hers.

‘We can’t do this here,’ she moaned, when she finally could take in some air.

Bode didn’t need any more prompting as he started the engine of the car and drove straight to his house.

Everything felt familiar, the house, the room…even his body, but the experience was different. It felt wrong and that made it even more exciting.

Bode called her twice after that night but she ignored both calls, preferring to send him a text, telling him that she was very busy with her upcoming wedding.

That was the last time he called and that was her last connection to that night -up until five months ago, on that Saturday morning when Chika called her into the study and she saw the video of her sexcapade with Bode, playing on the laptop.

The video did not remind her about that valentine’s night with Bode, instead it reminded her of karma, as she was always reminded about that night every time she stared into the little eyes of her son, Josh.


*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ****** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

It is statistically proven that 65% of women who are suffering abuse in their marriages today were previously abused by their partners during courtship. Which puts Laide in very good company.

Why would a woman marry her abuser? Click on the circle by your preferred option and go ahead to click on Vote to participate in the poll and see the results. You can share any extra thoughts in the comments section. have fun!

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  1. I'm a bit confused... " They both laughed as Bode said his
    goodbyes, letting out two sharp honks
    as his car strolled out of the park."
    if he left after they both said their byes.. then how then did they end up in the same car again? perhaps some other day?
    asides this, i particularly love how Josh happens to be a product of that escapade beteeen amaka & bode. You never disappoint.

    as to the poll, i think it's love...
    love hopes for a change
    love makes her give up her own name (something she has always been identified with) for a new identity; to become "Mrs. His-surname"
    no one is stupid enough to stay for a beating w'out gain. she either loves him or something about him. could maybe be for financial benefits. it all boils down to her love for something. Majorly, it's because the victims think there are no better options, that no one else can satiate their needs. it's a misconception.

    1. Look who have as our nos 1 commenter...King Larry himself...*smiles* as for that part, if you read a bit down ward, you'll see this line...'The video did not remind her about that valentine’s night with Bode...'
      ...meaning she finally made it with him to the valentine date, she had initially refused to go...which happened the day after...
      You know she's thinking and in our thots, events can happen seamlessly but I was careful enough to mark out the seperate days so as not to confuse the reader (guess I should have done better).
      I'm sure u took the poll ryte?
      Always great to have you on the page...your comments are top notch...I liked this part 'that no one else can satiate their needs. Its a misconception.

    2. "Majorly, it’s because the victims think there are no better options, that no one else can satiate their needs. it’s a misconception." Well said.

  2. I hope Bode rots in hell... As for you Mr Priye, you are in for a very big roller coaster surprise journey.What the f**k,All those gestures for a Jezebel, And Amaka, your story is for the gods ooo. Omo na true colours of deceit.

    1. @Fsf what has Bode done again oh? He's in Lagos trying to battle a rape case and you are here 'slicing' him...*smiles*...'Mr Priye?'...'Colors of Deceit'?...u certainly do have a unique sense of humour. Thanks for thots...I actually do look forward to them.

  3. Good point @ Larry cus I was confused there too, it wasn't very clear.

    Priye! Priye! Poor Ben! She's playing the perfect coy 'good' girl.....Ben strikes me like he would forgive all her trespasses when he finds out. I laughed out loud @ 'No Nigerian man is this romantic.' Lol.....Nigerian men you are TOLD! I know on the contrary Nigerian men can be romantic, some try but they are still LEANERS! However, the typical concensus is that certain romantic gestures eg kneeling to propose is unmanly. Only the enlightened, maybe the very 'sprung' Naija men do it and go all out for romantic gestures at random moments not just for big or significant occasions.

    Amaka and Bode....hmmm. Did they film themselves?? Did Bode Orchestrate that plot?? Who sent it to Chika?? Bode's master plan to get Amaka back?? Does Bode and Chika know who Josh's father really is??

    I like how you weave your characters together, however, you frequently introduce new characters that at first glance its confusing why they are there. I still dnt know where some fit into the whole drama, how and if they correlate with the main characters. I'm still enjoying this intricate web you are meticulously weaving as I'm sure they will come together meaningfully.

    I swear I didn't mean to drop such a long comment, was gonna just come drop a '.dot' and vamoose!


    1. @Zikora please do feel free to use as much space as you want when you drop your comments...they are always apt and on point. As it regards the 'confusing portion' was not meant to be confusing as stated in my reply to Larry, as it was stated in about 2 paragraphs below that both of them were in the car on valentine's day. Observations are however well received and clarity will be better emphasized in future works. You guys make the experience better as You push the Team towards perfections with every observation made. Keep them coming.
      You always have a way of making my replies very long...thanks for dropping your thots. Its appreciated. Amaka and Chika? (You might get a clue from TMA) *winks*

  4. Good work again Dan. But we had very little on LAide today. *sad face*
    Its going to be a long comment in parts.
    1. Congratulations on the launch of your radio version. Many more to come in Jesus name.
    2. Bringing excerpts for previous episodes is a brilliant idea. Refreshes ones memory. However the excerpts are bit long.
    3. Merging Shades of Deceit and Morning After. Never saw that coming. Brilliant idea.
    4. I chose love for the poll. They say "love covers a multitude of sins". "And society will say no one is perfect". "He will change." "God will intervene". " It is his nature endure. "
    I just came out of a six months relationship, because i saw abusive traits. Sorry this would be a bit long , but i believe sharing this with the world would help someone act right.
    I noticed it when he would yell at other road users and waiters etc. And i will be like "don't shout at them it wont help". He will say "it reset their senses".
    Down the line he started yelling at me. Over very little things. HE would shout at me so hard that i would start shaking. Over the phone when he yells, people around would start asking me "babes what is wrong". Here are Instances i can still remember because i am consciously trying to block him out of my memory.
    Me: "has the strike been called off" Him: "don't ask me stupid questions, don't you watch news"
    Me: "it is quite late are there still shops open". Him: "get out, it is none of your business"
    ME: "Who did you just get off the phone with" . Him: "shut up, don't ask me. Who do you know"(please ooh, am i not supposed to know people in his life as he girl friend)
    Me: Struggling to lock up his car. Comes out and yell. "cant you use your head, don't you know that the key does not work. dont you know". (in public oooooooo. Hmmm!!!!!!!!).
    Him: "You girls dont know anything. Anything. You are all so useless. Infact, i wont keep any woman in the house, i will just have my children and push her out. I cant keep up with woman headache"This he said when i burnt food. He also added that women wrecked his brothers so he would he harsh with any woman. After saying this he would apologise ooo. But not with gifts sha. At that point i knew i had to advice myslef. I dont intend to marry twice or go back to my father's house. Lai lai. It is not my portion in Jesus name. But God gave me brain to think with and use. Hmmmmmmm. As i write i am in tears. I believe that girls see the signs but they dont regard it as serious things. He didnt hit me physically but verbally. Which i believe will grow into physical abuse one day.The signs are usually subtle. So many like Laide ignore it. Did i add he cheats on me, takes decision without minding the consequences his actions will have on me. In september i lost almost half of my salary because of this. And he did not refund. He exhibited a lot of selfish traits. He lies alot. And come and see him praying in church and binding demons. you would bless God immediately. Do sanctimonious things. Quarrels me for not praying out loud.Initially i was not sure if i made the right decision by cutting him off from my life, but reading Laide's story i know i acted right. Even though it was not easy. I am still hurting but i believe it would pass.
    So Ladies:
    i. Never ignore small issues. Little drops of water makes an ocean they say.
    ii. Dont judge a guy by what he does to impress you. Judge him by how he treats others. Especially those beneath him.
    iii. Never believe you can help a hurting or abused person. Only God can. A hurt and abused person does not know any better than to hurt or abuse others around him. If we dig into the Pastors past there is hurt or abuse. (predicting things; Dee)
    iv. All relationships does not end in marriage.
    v. A broken relationship is better than a bad marriage/broken marriage.
    vi. Love your self. Love your neighbour as yourself, not more than your self.
    God save use from abuse

    1. @Noksis thank you so much for the salient points raised as it regards our build up to the feature presentation. I can assure u that the Team will look into that.
      Your comment is priceless. I can only say thank you for sharing this with us. It is thots and lessons like these that has been known to influence people more than stories.
      Every word you said struck the right cord ...a broken relationship is far better than a bad marriage/broken marriage. Such words of wisdom are simply priceless.
      God will reward the wisdom in your decisions and heal your heart. Thank you so very much. God bless you.

    2. @noksis Wow¡¡! I'm more than happy you left such a relationship. Your story is something a lotta people will reckon with. I see it has made you an even better & stronger person. I as a man too would understand, even more, why i should never attempt to abuse any woman, relationship wise or not.
      I tweeted this "A man who beats you doesn't love you" & i was shocked at the number of females who thought i was wrong. One even went on to say "Not necessarily, he might just have anger management issues". I countered with a reply "Oh well.. he loves his mother but doesn't beat her. yeah? so why you?" She then saw reason. But the fact is she felt wife battery was excusable. This i find based on frivolous grounds.

      Thank God for people like @aideyandaniel too whose stories provoke issues such as these. (by the way, i understand the story now. i hope a time is coming when the first comment gets to win a range rover. lol)
      i think you should maybe create a link to orgs or bodies who can help people facing such acts of impetuousness who need help (worse, those who think they do not need help). Your stories are going places.

      @zikora is such an inquisitive being lol. She sounds like one of those voices behind nollywood thrillers who ask questions about a movie we are yet to watch all in the name of advertising the same movie. Nice analyst too.

      1. @Larry thank you. Not an easy decision for me to make, but today has made it easier for me. Reading your comment has strengthened me. Yes, there should be NGOs to address this. Especially those who remain in it and see nothing wrong. Many people silently remain it, posting lovey dovey make believe/ camera pictures.
        Domestic violence is as bad as Female Genital Mutilation and Child marriage.

      2. cos' you're the first commenter today, there should be a RangeRover prize for that right?...hmmn...this guy ehn! (You have made me speak pidgin abi?)
        Anyways I look forward to that time too...but before the RangeRover prize giving begins, we will start up with heard it first...let's keep it a secret between us for now.
        @Noksis comment is just a great lesson to all of us. So much wisdom that I really could not pick out any special part...every word in that comment is special.
        @KingLarry thanks for blessing us with your royal presence *laffs*

  5. I believe so many women stay in abusive and toxic relationships because of HOPE. They are intrigued with his problems, full of ways to help him... They keep making excuses for his behavior because they believe that no one else understands him, they love him and believe they are the solution to his problems!

  6. A big thank you to the SOD community for welcoming my thoughts. Big thumbs up to Mr Daniel, keep the flame burning.

    Ah Ben, such a hopeless romantic. But really this highlights one of the greatest irony of life; Its common for people to love someone who doesn't care about them at the expense of someone truly and deeply cares about them. Its easy to think what else does Priye want, a man who truly loves and adores her, yet she's willing to risk everything for a married man who probably doesn't love her.

    To some extent its not really people's fault for acting this way, looking at Love from a scientific standpoint may help offer some answers. The way romantic relationships are formed is somewhat similar to the way the brain also reacts to addiction. Its almost fair to say that Love itself is a drug.

    The good news is there's a drug being developed to help ease the process of letting go and detaching. However, in most cases what's required to begin the healing process and break free of the addiction is complete separation from the person and support from family members or friends. Being alone doesn't help, it only makes one more vulnerable.

    “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
    ― Lao Tzu

    But with love comes responsibility.... Love responsibly

    1. my response to this masterfully crafted comment is a question...'how much longer are we to wait before this drug hits the market?'...i would like to be a distributor *smiles* another @adewale masterpiece


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