Shades Of Deceit
Shades Of Deceit


The ringtone of my phone cut through my thoughts as I stared blankly at the computer screen in front of me.

I had just published the finale of Shades of Deceit and my mind was already running the digits on stats that the season ending episode would rack up on the blog as I was still unsure about the readers response to it as it was not the happy ending that most readers love.

I picked up my phone from the desk and glanced at the phone screen to see who the caller was -it was my younger sister.

What would she be calling me for? I thought to myself as I tapped the green receive button with a little bit of hesitation.

‘Hello,’ I spoke into the receiver, my eyebrows arched in a curious wait for her voice.

Why you kill am?‘ She asked, without responding to my salutation. Her voice was cold.

‘Kill who?’ I asked open eyed, not sure I heard her right. Me… Kill?

Why you kill Laide?‘ she asked again, her voice carrying a tinge of sadness with it.

It then dawned on me that she was talking about ‘Shades of Deceit – the finale’. I was tongue tied for the next seven seconds, and trust me, in a phone conversation that’s a pretty long time.

This was someone who had never commented on ‘Shades Of Deceit’ (she was very vocal about ‘The Morning After’) and who I never thought was following the story, now accusing me of murder in the finale. ‘You don read am finish just now just now?‘ I asked almost in a stutter, not sure what to say.

‘Yes,’ she replied with a tone of finality as she cut the call.

As I stared at the phone, the red beeping light flashed in my eye, informing me of an unread message. Still worried about my sister’s reaction, I searched out the message which was on my blackberry messenger and seeing that it was from my girlfriend who has remained a big supporter of my works, I hurried to read it, expecting to see head bursting words like ‘the finale is classic, I love you booboo,’ or ‘you’re still the best writer ever,’ and the usual wash that I’m very quick to gobble up, instead her words were painful and the tone of the message accusatory.

So you had to play God and kill Laide? Welldone.

Her words reverberated in my head as I thought about my options – could I have done something different with the finale? I asked myself, a question I already knew the answer.

There was no way I could retell history and it would have been the height of deceit on my part if I had changed a true life story on the premise of trying to create a happy ending.

I wish I could explain to my girlfriend that I was no God but just a common voyeur who was blessed with the extra-ordinary gift of writing scenes as he saw them.

I wish I could let my sister know that I’m not a murderer and that the hardest part for me was watching Laide die.

I tried to save her, I really did, but there was nothing I could do but just watch, and as Yetunde and Pastor Michael called out for Laide in the hospital, I literarily broke down and cried, locking myself up in the studio and wetting my scripts with hot scalding tears.

If I had known that this story would end so sadly, would I have chased it as ruggedly as I did?

I remember almost going insane when I couldn’t find the scripts for episodes eight, nine and ten and I was caught up in a strait as to my next line of action as episode six was already live on the blog.

How was I supposed to re-write these three episodes and capture accurately the scenes like I had previously done, using exactly the same words and conveying the same emotions as in the now ‘missing scripts’.

Episode seven went live on the blog and instead of the usual excitement of a new epsiode going live on the blog I felt a huge weight of worry on my inside.

As the days rolled past and mid-week dawned, I resigned myself to fate on the missing scripts, prepping myself up to start re-writing the missing episodes and just as I was about to put the first word on paper, a miracle happened at exactly fifteen minutes past one in the afternoon as I found parchments of the missing scripts in the most unlikely place.

It was a back-up copy I never knew I had and as I verified that the parchments were a complete representation of the missing scripts I suddenly felt a sweetness juice gush out from deep inside of me.

I was ecstatic!

This roller coaster continued till the finale and after the initial tense moments with both my sister and girlfriend, Ihunanya’s comment dropped on the blog, and then Shugar’s comment, followed quickly by Des and then King Larry’s, and the comments just kept rolling in and my grin just kept getting bigger.

It was an expression of satisfaction as it was obvious from the comments that even though everyone considered the finale a little too sad, the reality of the story was not lost on the audience.

What if they knew that the story was just getting started?

As I try to wrap my head around the fact that ‘The Morning After’ and ‘Shades Of Deceit’ are parts of a much bigger and still unfolding story, the sizzling aroma of a well prepared serial with the unmistakeable quality of the A! Brand, ‘Losing Hope’, snatches my attention.

The Chef and newest member of the A! Team Olajumoke Omisore, signals to me that everything is ready for the delicacy (‘Losing Hope’) to be served to the Yarners and as the countdown to the Premiere begins, I switch seats from the studio to the dining table to grab a taste of the delicacy that has sent my taste buds working on overdrive.

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Losing Hope
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  1. Wow. I almost cried when I read that u tried to save Laide buh couldn't. SOD was a journey, an interesting one. Ur girlfriend is lucky 😀

  2. The only part that made me sad about Shades of Deceit is that Laide's Family have no idea what actually caused her death, and I know that prostitute of a Pastor will not tell them the truth. Well looking forward to the new serial.

    1. @divaambitious thanks for dropping your thoughts ... when i read it, i could only take a deep breathe... i wish they knew...right? anyways 'Losing Hope' is dropping very soon.

    1. Aww...thank you. You are really kind.
      And you are so right about the need for champagne or is it prosecco, lol.
      Cough up Daniel.

  3. Your sister and girlfriend are obviously not writers....that's what writers small god!! Lool.

    On a serious note tho, I understand the ending was sad but like I stated on the finale I liked it.
    You explained here it was a true life story but my take has to be realistic to value, even if it was not true life. People need to know that cases like Laide's do end badly sometimes. Sugar coating and fairy tales could lead to people neglecting these things, and worse always think it will end happily.

    My late two pence....


    1. @Anonymous your thots are very much appreciated. Not all stories in Reality end happily ever after, so yes i agree I agree with you on that point... but then everyone likes a happily ever after all the time.u.i.m


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