The Proposal -Verses Of Love

The Proposal
The Proposal

Hello Yarners, I trust you’re having a great week. This is to inform everyone in the community that the radio version of ‘Losing Hope’ will be dropping today by 22:00WAT (10pm) on Smooth 98.1fm and read out by our very own sweet-voiced midnight mistress, Jumoke Bello. You can listen to Smooth 98.1fm online by clicking here.

I know The Truth was supposed to be the next instalment of ‘The Proposal’ dropping, but the A! crew has got their hands on these hot ‘Verses of Love’ written by ‘His Side’ to ‘Her Side’ on the day of ‘The Proposal’. It feels like the same poem mentioned in ‘Her Side’ but there was no mention of it in ‘His Side’ (maybe the ‘Boss’ didn’t want to look like a sucker…).

Does it mean that ‘Her Side’ is closer to ‘The Truth’ than ‘His Side’?

We will not know until ‘The Truth’ finally drops next week thursday, but as we wait for it, please enjoy and drop your thoughts on what I think are hot ‘Verses of Love’.





It’s amazing
That our song would be playing
At the very same place
That I first set my eyes on your face

It’s amazing
That my pen won’t stop flowing
With lines from my heart
Like the glitters from a star

It’s amazing
That I still can’t find the perfect words
To describe my heart’s somersaults
At the thought of your perfect love

It’s amazing
That the sparkles from your eyes
Make the diamonds go green
Like the emerald on this ring

It’s amazing
That I’m telling all these stories
When all I really want to say is
‘Marry Me’

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