Birthday Yarns


I know it’s unusual to get our ‘yarns’ on a Monday but trust me – this distraction is for a good cause, AideYarn! Is 2 today and who would we rather celebrate with than with you?

We would like to thank God who has filled our minds with ideas and has caused our pen to be ever flowing with ink so we can ceaselessly pen you beautiful stories and share with you life changing thoughts.

We would also like to thank everyone who has opened our page over these past two years, especially those who have dropped a feedback, be it commendation or criticism, you have definitely made us better.

Permit us to specially thank folks who have helped to spread the gospel according to AideYarn! via facebook, twitter and broadcast messages on various social media platforms and to Sally of Moskedapages for giving us a great birthday gift.

We love you all.

For our new readers, we say welcome to a big family and the home of famed and highly acclaimed serials like The Morning After, Shades Of Deceit, Losing Hope and Playing The Game.

To celebrate, we’re giving out our first Grand Prize of five thousand naira, (N5,000.00) to the most creative birthday message to the blog scripted in the comments section. (Remember, you must be following the blog to qualify to participate.)

So let’s see how creative you can be, send us a creative birthday message in the comments section and stand a chance of winning our Grand Prize. Entries will close on Wednesday by mid-day and the winner will be chosen by the A!Team and announced on Saturday.

Happy Messaging.





PLAYING THE GAME by Olajumoke Omisore



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  2. *singing mood activated*ring the bells, sound the alarm, AI.DE.YARN is two, we(yarners) just want to say thank you for serving us great stories, thank you...hapi birthday!

  3. Happy birthday AI.DE.YARN, more wisdom and inspiration. May pple continue to feel inspired and blessed through your blog IJN. And many more wonderful years to come IJN.

  4. Happy Birthday to A!Team, may the Lord continue to preserve you individually and as a team to keep on motivating us and to continue giving out juicy life changing stories. I read your stories not only for entertainment but pick one or two lessons from it. Keep it up. Long life and prosperity in good health to the Team.

    1. Team A *smiles* I like the twist -Thank you too CessPrin -just being naughty- Thank you Princess, we value your thots and feedback. Greater heights for you too

  5. Roses are red, violets are blue
    It’s the 17th of August and is two!

    Happy anniversary guys!! It’s no small feat, reaching this two year mark. Are you guys doing anything special to celebrate? Well apart from spoiling us with generous giveaways and double servings of “playing the game”.
    I’ve been following this blog for about a year now, I think. It all began when the “the morning after” series was running on TNC. Halfway through I couldn’t take the suspense anymore so I employed my maaad investigative skills and ended up on this blog. I still remember the sense of accomplishment I felt when I realised that the entire series was already published here. Hahaha, I was so happy with myself that day. I’ve been a faithful but silent reader since then, until recently.

    Since you’re two today, I’ll mention the two things I appreciate most about the blog. The first is the consistency in the management of the blog. A! team, your team work is on point! Secondly I applaud y’al for your dedication. I see it in the way you respond to comments, the previews before a new series starts and the personalised feel of the blog in general. Well done.
    May your stories always change lives for the better.
    I sincerely wish you guys the best.
    P.S: I TRIED to keep the yarn as short as I could.

    1. Trust me - the Yarning is short *laffs* thank you so very much the plenty feedback - but wait @thegracedmisfit, so all those times we were trying to lure our ghost community members out with chocolate, you were here and still ghosting away? Really? you really need koboko -*smiles* thanks for coming out to Yarn- we appreciate your every feedback

  6. He wanted to write a love poem for his lady.
    After reading the poem, she said this was great and encouraged him to do more.
    All of a sudden two years and the followers are increasing, making new good friends.
    Hip hip hip
    Happy anniversary to the Aideyarn team and fellow commentators.

  7., celebrating two years of complete consistency and progress. Thank God am a part of this.Stories read here aren't just fiction. The fact that you see it and it happens all around you, gives you a sharper instinct and edge to live life not in a biased manner,but in a way that consider people and you as part of a huge connection that leads to a better society.
    Happy birthday Aideyarn, more of everything creative and inspiring. Looking forward to more and better yarns.

  8. Anu looked at the calendar for the upteenth time. It was still Tuesday! Thursday couldn't come fast enough.
    Thursday is supposed to be special, the day she wins and maybe Elicia dies. She was tired of being the victim, 14 episodes and all Elicia had on her was stripping... She Anu had survived beatings, accusations , a dead mother, carrying a crazing man's child and most recently her father's death.. Something had to change and she knew just who to talk to. So she grabbed her phone from her table and started typing, when she finished the looked over her work, smiled and pressed send *that should do it * she taught to herself
    Jumoke woke up to her ring tone, nobody calls her this early except Daniel, she was right it was Daniel
    " hey yarner", she managed a smile
    "Hi! What's up!, hey listen I got this message from Anu I will text it to you we have to act fast. I can't talk now so just read the message and do what's needed". *click*
    Jumoke frowned at her phone, Daniel was usually not in a hurry so this was rather strange, while she stared at her phone contemplating whether to call back, a text message from Daniel came in - " abeg Yarners, sister Jumoke, I take God name beg u Na ground my knees dey .. E jor .. E don do make una free me small.. If not, Nai no go sleep well for night , happy birthday , and God bless you as you comply" , love Anu... The End

    Okkkkk on a more serious Note! Yarners I have no doubt in my mind that you have surrounded yourself with an amazing team! Your stories are great, well edited , the site is well managed and we all have so much fun it's like a ffamily!! I always appreciate hardworking people and I am glad that I can read clean content on the Internet and not stupid dirty stories. You guys are amazing and I pray that you always keep God as your center.. happy birthday keep rocking. xoxo
    Jumoke! Ore mi... You know 🙂

  9. Its been awaiting since ages
    The heart could no longer deny
    Then the morning after came into our lives
    We cried and laughed with Funke
    Through her her trials and tribulations.

    Then we entered the shades of deceit
    Where only hawt pastor Micheal can deliver us( I miss him oo)

    We held our breaths
    We held on with Abike
    When she was loosing hope.

    And now we are playing the game with Idriss ( my guy)
    With double s.

    A wonderful journey,
    Beautiful Saturdays
    One Tuesday
    Blessed anniversary thursdays

    We appreciate the entertainment
    A diversion from reality
    To take our minds off the daily normal monotonous routine.

    Happy blog- anniversary.

    1. Ahn Ahn Idris seems hot and I just can not dislike hot badt guys.
      But if I have to choose I will choose idris, you know its my surname plus oh boy this is naija, I no fit spend 14 years for prison. LOL.
      Also check out this video on fb.

      1. Jumoke has a way of writing hot men into our lives.... I remember Niyi , and Richard ... And then there was one with a beautiful bum bum and fitted nicely in his beautiful pair of Jeans. Sighhhhhh I drooooool


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