Love, Music & Dreams =THREE=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Peeps – seven days have never been so far away but we’re back here again and I’ll like to announce that we have a surprise waiting for all of our followers at the end of today’s post – it’s our way of saying – thank you for supporting us. Have you read “Tales From the Other Side” yet? If your […]

Love, Music & Dreams =TWO=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Yarners – trust your week has been great and you’re feeling #LMD. Have you downloaded “Tales From the Other Side” yet? you can do so now by clicking on this link here – Feel free to use the share button after the post to broadcast on Twitter, Facebook and other available social media platforms (Whatsapp and BBM reposts […]

Love, Music & Dreams =ONE=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Yarners – it’s finally the Premiere of #LMD and trust me, I’m super excited, but just before we dig into our star feature for the day – the Team would like to announce our second Grand Prize Winner of our blog-giver-sary promo – the Yarner with the most comments in our anniversary month of August -it’s none other than, *drum […]


Tales from the other side

The first thing I felt when I was asked to be part of the Tales From the Other Side Anthology alongside Daniel and thirteen other writers was sheer horror. You see, I’m not one of those writers that work fine when the word ‘deadline’ is being thrown about. This is why I don’t do workshops. Daniel and a few other writers […]

Love. Music. & Dreams. =PREVIEW=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Yarners, we’ve got two big announcements in the house today -make that three- and I’ll start with the first and not too pleasant news. “The Winner” will not debut next week as promised… Hol’ up, Hol’ up #FrancisOdega’sVoice… before you put up a sad face, wait for announcement 2… There will be a World Premiere of another A! serial […]


when things change

Heyoo Yarners, wassup? Playing The Game is over but do you realise that only one Grand Prize Winner was announced instead of two? Well nobody is saying anything about it, abi una tink say we don scam una? or you think we’ve scammed you guys? Nah! We always keep our promises and that’s why the winner of our second grand prize […]