Love. Music. & Dreams. =PREVIEW=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Yarners, we’ve got two big announcements in the house today -make that three- and I’ll start with the first and not too pleasant news.

  1. “The Winner” will not debut next week as promised… Hol’ up, Hol’ up #FrancisOdega’sVoice… before you put up a sad face, wait for announcement 2…
  2. There will be a World Premiere of another A! serial next week -“Love. Music. & Dreams“- and it promises to be a classic just like our other hit serials (we value you too much to give you anything less than excellent).
  3. Tales From The Other Side“, an anthology that features 15 fantastic writers, including the A! Team, is currently receiving rave reviews from great literary minds and it will be available right here for free download .

Enjoy the Preview and see you after the cut, at the comments section.

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Love. Music. & Dreams
Love. Music. & Dreams

‘I’m pregnant,’ her voice cut into his rhapsody. It was her first words in over fifteen minutes, and the news that would have ordinarily made him nervous offered a ray of hope.

‘Is that what this is about?’ He remembered asking, his eyes brightening up. ‘I know we planned for it differently but who says we can’t get married now?’ He asked, his eyes searching into Adesuwa’s to find answers to his questions. ‘I know there are things that we planned to do before getting married and having kids, but breaking up is not the solution because you’re pregnant,’ he continued, ‘we should be looking for baby names now,’ he joked, trying to make the face in front of him smile but the eyes that stared back at him were as cold as ice, a testimony that his joke was dry.

‘You’re not responsible.’

‘What?’ He gasped, almost choking on his saliva. ‘After dating for seven years you just discovered I’m not responsible? Is that what your family thinks of me?’ He asked, his face betraying his surprise. ‘I met you in my second year in school, I have stayed true to our love, I have a job and I’m working very hard for our future together, how responsible do you want me to get? Tell me and I’d learn.’

Adesuwa dragged her hands out of his as he waited for answers to his questions. ‘You’re not responsible for the pregnancy,’ she muttered, indistinct to onlookers but loud enough to jolt him out of his stupidity, up from his knees and seated on his chair. Jide is.

The last two words felt like an uppercut that connected sweetly to his jaws, as his mouth hung open in great shock at the news that his girlfriend of seven years was pregnant for his childhood friend.

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Love. Music. & Dreams by Aideyan Daniel



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    1. As in PJ....u read my mind... Am doing. "aaaaah! Shoki!"...super duper excited @ dis new series. plus at Aideyarn Team...this new theme no too bad sha... the change is exciting. Font is cool, and d colour is subtle...melikey

  1. Firstly, love the new design. Easy on the eyes. Seconds, seven years!!! I mean who dates for that long these days. Next week come ooooo!!!!

    1. @IHUNANYA, how are you? Thanks for reading. This is just a preview, you get the full episode next Saturday ? Hope you join us on Saturday.

      1. Am good thank you @jumoke. Oh, I didn't know it was the preview. Looking forward to reading the full story. Weldone to you, Danny and the team.


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