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Love. Music. & Dreams
Love. Music. & Dreams
Love. Music. & Dreams

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 //Chasing Dreams//

The only thing that stands between a man and what he really wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible. -Richard DeVos


Daniel stared at the laptop’s screen in front of him, but his mind was on the song seeping out from the speakers. It was her favourite song and one she usually sang to him in their most intimate moments. It was Daniel Bedingfield’s – ‘If You’re Not The One’.

You’re the one, she would tease. Her eyes wearing that hypnotizing stare that usually left him all weak like jelly. You’re my Daniel.

I’ll never know what the future brings
but I know you here with me now
we’ll make it through
And I hope you are, the one I share my life with…

‘Liar!’ Daniel cursed under his breath as he gritted his teeth unconsciously. That was the part of the song that usually got him all teary eyed as he remembered how she would sing those lines to him, but not anymore, as that mushy, nostalgic feeling had long been replaced by anger, that over the past two months was slowly ebbing out into cold nonchalance.

He was surprised by his edgy reaction to the song, knowing that unlike the first six months of the break-up, these last two months had seen his emotional pain heal faster than he would have ever thought possible.

He never thought heartbreaks lasted for as long as eight months, but how would he know when he had never experienced one, and had only ever been in one serious relationship all his life, save for the puppy love and kitten crushes he had felt during his days in junior secondary school.

Adesuwa was the only girl he had ever been in a relationship with, and being someone who had always believed in fairy tales and the ‘lived happily ever after’ storyline, he had promised himself to make a wife from the first love of his life.

He had tried his best to live up to his vow but Adesuwa obviously had other ideas.

I don’t think I wanna do ‘US’ anymore.

He could still remember to the tiniest detail, the day and the moment he read that ping. He had initially thought it was a joke.

Adesuwa had visited him a day before and even though it was not the happiest of visits as she had this gloom all around her which he had assumed as symptoms of her being on her period, he couldn’t find a reason in his mind why she would send him such a ping.

He scrolled to the screen-grabbed message folder on his phone and gazed at the conversation of that crazy day some eight months ago. He had saved the messages in the exact sequence.

What are you talking about?

I can’t go on with us anymore

Baby r u serious?

I’m sorry

It was the very first set of messages from a list of messages he had screen-grabbed over the course of the break-up saga, and even though he felt tempted to read each message over again in sequence, he didn’t see any need to, after all he could literarily now recite the messages off-hand.

He could tell from the flow of the messages, the interludes where he had made phone calls to Adesuwa to beg shamelessly for another chance.

How could she just wake up to break up?

What about the many plans they made together?

These were the kind of thoughts that ran through his mind at that time as he struggled to come to terms with Adesuwa’s decision.

Phil Collins became his companion as he booked a room in heartbreak hotel. The song ‘Do You Remember’ was on constant replay as he wallowed in self pity, the gnawing pain in his heart a remainder that he was hemorrhaging as a result of the loss of his love.

Work became a drag as he battled unsuccessfully to keep a clear head.

‘I suggest you take some days off from the remainder of your annual leave so you can sort out whatever family problems you’re having,’ His manager advised as she took a second look at the memo he had just submitted. ‘This is the second major mistake in three days, I don’t want to see a third.’

‘I’m sorry Ma’am,’ he replied, his face wearing a stupid look as he stared blankly into space.

The most painful part for him on that first week of the break up was the blunt refusal of Adesuwa to meet up.

We can say whatever we want to say on phone. Must we see?


Name the place. Any place please. He had begged on phone but she had turned him down out-rightly with a curt, ‘I’m very busy.’

Daniel shook his head as the memories of that dark period ran through his mind, he could just imagine how pathetic he must have presented himself to Adesuwa by his unending pleas.

And to think that his motivation for wanting her back was purely sentimental – his pledge to marry the first love of his life.

It took a big jolt to get him out of his fantasy life, as Adesuwa finally agreed to see him, two weeks and four days after she had sent him the infamous ping.

As he walked into the eatery, he felt like he usually felt when he entered a new place, the difference this time was that he had visited this eatery with Adesuwa a couple of times before and thus should ordinarily not be experiencing his customary ‘virgin’ sensations.

It didn’t take long for him to realize why he felt the way he did, as he caught Adesuwa’s stare from the corner of the room, as she waited for him on a table close to the window.

He had taken a quick look at his watch to re-confirm the time, as the appointment had been made for three ‘o’ clock, and it was still five minutes to three. For someone who always arrived on dates thirty minutes late for the seven years they were a couple, something was definitely wrong.

‘You’ve been here a while,’ he stated calmly as he gazed at the PET bottle on the table with its contents past the middle point.

‘Not really,’ she replied, her eyes looking tired and impatient. ‘I’m here, that’s what’s important.’

‘Babe, what happened to us?’ He asked, ignoring the hostility in her voice.

Adesuwa remained silent, but the look in her eyes relaxed as she listened to him remind her of their beautiful plans together.

He closed her hands in his, and even though she made to take them out, he held on, much more with the plea in his eyes, than with the grasp of his fingers. With their eyes still locked, he went down on his knees, not bothered about other customers, some of whom had already turned their attention to him. ‘Please babe, don’t watch our dreams fizzle out like this. Our love is special, let’s fight to keep it.’ He begged. ‘I can’t imagine my life without you; I don’t even want to start imagining my life without…’

‘I’m pregnant,’ her voice cut into his rhapsody. It was her first words in over fifteen minutes, and the news that would have ordinarily made him nervous offered a ray of hope.

‘Is that what this is about?’ He remembered asking, his eyes brightening up. ‘I know we planned for it differently but who says we can’t get married now?’ He asked, his eyes searching into Adesuwa’s to find answers to his questions. ‘I know there are things that we planned to do before getting married and having kids, but breaking up is not the solution because you’re pregnant,’ he continued, ‘we should be looking for baby names now,’ he joked, trying to make the face in front of him smile but the eyes that stared back at him were as cold as ice, a testimony that his joke was dry.

‘You’re not responsible.’

‘What?’ He gasped, almost choking on his saliva. ‘After dating for seven years you just discovered I’m not responsible? Is that what your family thinks of me?’ He asked, his face betraying his surprise. ‘I met you in my second year in school, I have stayed true to our love, I have a job and I’m working very hard for our future together, how responsible do you want me to get? Tell me and I’d learn.’

Adesuwa dragged her hands out of his as he waited for answers to his questions. ‘You’re not responsible for the pregnancy,’ she muttered, indistinct to onlookers but loud enough to jolt him out of his stupidity, up from his knees and seated on his chair. Jide is.

The last two words felt like an uppercut that connected sweetly to his jaws, as his mouth hung open in great shock at the news that his girlfriend of seven years was pregnant for his childhood friend.

‘Life,’ Daniel hissed as he roused himself from his reverie. It could be a pot of burnt beans sometimes. His stomach knotted in hunger as the thought of beans reminded him of lunch. He found himself salivating, as images of beans garnished with chopped pieces of dry fish, matched with perfectly sliced dodo and topped with peppered ponmo played up in his mind. His thoughts had not affected his appetite in any way as he rose up from his chair like a man hypnotized by his vision, checked to make sure his drawer was secured, and made for Iya Faleela’s Corporate Buka down the road.


Daniel stepped out of the elevator, turning right in the lobby as he sauntered towards his office, with his hands in his pocket.

Take the elevator to the third floor, which is the Marketing floor, and turn right, in the direction of the Advertising arrow which you’ll see in front of you as you step out of the elevator. Walk the full stretch of the lobby, and turn left into my office.

Daniel rehearsed his direction routine for guests; it was one routine he was yet to employ, as he had never received a guest in the office before. As his gaze landed on his office door, she emerged from within his office into the lobby with a twinkle in her eyes and a smile on her lips.

She was wearing a cream woven tee on slim compact navy trousers, the type that accentuated her slim curves and made the word ‘office’, look very sexy.

‘So where have you been mister?’ She asked as soon as he was within hearing distance, showing off a set of oyster white teeth that lit up the lobby. ‘I’ve checked you like twice already.’

‘Really?’ Daniel asked, his hands still trapped inside his pockets. ‘Some of us have to eat, we are humans,’ he said, smiling.

Stella Haastrup was the perfect definition of impressive as her combination of brains and beauty, were in doses very difficult to match. He remembered the months she had worked in the ‘Advertising Section’ and how she had consistently wowed everyone with the quality of her ideas and the quickness with which she provided solutions.

Bankole, his fellow Copywriter had been so impressed after one of the regular sectional meetings, that he couldn’t help but confess that brains like that, have no right to be so beautiful. Of course, it was one of Bankole’s usual jokes told in the safety of the Copywriting office, but he couldn’t get those words out of his mind as they aptly described the lady standing in front of him whose neck was sculptured like those of an Ethiopian princess, with a warm beige skin tone that always glowed like the beach sands under the rising sun.

‘So I’m not human right?’

Of course you’re not, we settled that long ago. Humans are not this beautiful, you are divine.

Daniel smiled. The words just wouldn’t come out of his lips. ‘I didn’t say anything,’ he muttered instead.

‘I wish you would, and then we can both know why you’re smiling,’ she replied, searching his eyes for clues into his thoughts. She came up with nothing. ‘I sent you a mail.’

Daniel’s eyes curved in surprise as he drew his phone out from his pocket. ‘I didn’t get it,’ he said, as he checked the device for notifications.

‘It’s on Outlook; I don’t have your regular email address.’

‘So what’s the brief?’

‘It’s not work,’ Stella replied. ‘It’s a writing competition I think you should put in for.’

‘Writing competition?’ The curve of surprise on his face widened.

‘Why do you have that look on your face?’ Stella asked, ‘you’re the one who has always dreamed about writing a best seller and winning the Pulitzer, forgive me if I thought you could start by winning this competition.’ She stated, her voice taking on a tone that betrayed her disappointment.

‘No, it’s not like that,’ Daniel cut in, the disappointment in Stella’s voice getting to him. ‘I’ll check it out. I was just surprised you would think of me for a writing competition.’

‘You’re the only friend I have who dreams of winning a Pulitzer prize,’ she said matter of factly.

‘I appreciate it, but if you don’t smile I’m not checking anything,’ Daniel said smiling.

‘Please don’t check,’ Stella replied, her eyes twinkling, as her face put on a beautiful smile. ‘I’ve got work to do, we’ll talk later.’

‘Sure we will,’ Daniel said, watching on, as she strolled off down the lobby, her every step, a statement of grace and poise.

‘Let her father catch you,’ Bankole, his office-mate, quipped with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

‘And what did I do?’ He asked with an air of false innocence, as he stopped in his tracks just inside the office.

‘Don’t worry, when they call me as a witness against you, you’ll know what you did,’ Bankole started. ‘First you implied she was not human, which indirectly means her father, the MD-CEO of the company where you are a common omo ise and his wife are aliens, and then you were stylishly toasting her,’ he continued, emphasizing the toasting, to highlight the gravity of the offence.

‘Toast?’ Daniel giggled, his eyes showing the ridiculousness of his friend’s accusation. ‘Nah! Guys like me don’t land girl’s like that,’ he added as he burst into a laughter that was quickly cut by the look on his friend’s face.

Bankole looked like he had just seen a ghost.

‘That’s quite a vote of confidence on yourself,’ Stella’s voice rang out from behind him. ‘Just thought I should let you know, that the deadline for the submission of entries for the contest is next week Friday, so you don’t have all the time.’ She said with a big a smile on her face as she watched the shock in his eyes.

Daniel stayed rooted to the spot as he watched Stella pop in and out of the office. There was no mirror close-by, but he knew exactly the expression that was formed on his face at the moment -it was the same mumuish expression that he had on his face years ago, when his mother caught him peeking at his elder sister’s friend, taking a shower in the guest’s bathroom.





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