Mother's Wrapper

Hello Yarners, it’s another beautiful Saturday and like we promised, we have something scintillating from our very own Olajumoke Omisore. It’s specially prepared for your delight. Enjoy. *** *** ***  ‘‘Put a smile on your face darling, the directors will be arriving soon.”  My friend, Steph said as soon as she sauntered into my office. “You want them to think, […]

Love, Music & Dreams =SIX=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Yarners, …errm… I don’t know how to say this, but I guess I’ll just say it – Love, Music & Dreams will be off for a while and this is due to logistic reasons – (blame it on the bad guy “logistics”) – let’s just call the break, an interlude …erm … the Team is sorry for any inconvenience […]

Love, Music & Dreams =FIVE=

Love. Music. & Dreams

“This story is good enough to have been shortlisted, infact I will really appreciate it if we can get a complete version of the story” ~ Grace O.  “…Truthfully. I wldnt know if it was supposed to be picked or not, because I did not have access to other entries, but like I said earlier it’s a unique story. Great work, […]

Love, Music & Dreams =FOUR=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Yarners, trust your week was great –  “The Bridge” by Daniel Bamidele, shortlisted last week for the PEN2SCREEN Africa writing competition will be up this Thursday, 13th of November 2015. It is an exclusive session for our followers and will not be published on the blog. You can be a part of this exclusive session by filling out this form […]