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Happy new year, Yarners.

I just had to say that even though we’re three weeks into 2016.

In giving a summary report of 2015, I’d like to say the year saw us welcoming a lot more people into the A! Community especially with the run of our hit serial, ‘Playing The Game’ where we literally played the game through out our anniversary month of August and got more people yarning in the house.

That for us was a big plus as there was a lot more interaction in the community.

In 2016, our strategic objective is to ”Reach Out To More People And Integrate More People Into The A! Community” and we have set out three ways that I’d say is primarily based on serving ‘You’ better, to achieving this.

1. Upgrade of Platform

This year, we’ve upgraded our platform to ensure even more interaction in the community as we seek to create longer lasting memories together in 2016.

2. Content, Content And More Quality Content

It is not a secret that we are particular about what we serve you on our platform, consistently bringing you top of the grade content at every opportunity we have to reach you.

Well, the story gets better as we will be serving more quality content from a wider range of writers whom we’ll have the privilege of publishing their works during the course of the year.

You can be rest assured that the Team has put things in place to ensure that we delight you weekly with every post served, and we are working hard to make sure that weekly, very quickly, turns twice weekly.

I like the way that sounds – ‘…weekly very quickly turns twice weekly’. It’s a tongue twister.

Try saying it very fast – weekly very quickly turns twice weekly. -smiles-

Okay, now let’s get to our most important strategy.

3. You

You are our greatest asset, which explains why seeking ways to be of greater value to you inspires everything we do. From our choice of a user friendly theme that takes into consideration your reading experience on the blog, to building a much more improved platform that will allow you do more in the A! community, we have tried to enrich your experience in the community.

However, we want to do more and to even more people, which is why we have increased the number of the A!Team by one – YOU!

This is no toasting – it’s true.

Okay, I’ll show you – as part of our objective to ”Reach Out To More People And Integrate More People Into The A! Community” this year, we will for the first time ever be publishing posts written by ‘You’. All you have to do is stick around to know when and how that will happen.

And as part of the A! Team, feel free to join other members of the Team who are using the share buttons, and use them to share posts on your favourite social media platform, facebook, twitter, and yes, even on Whatsapp, just by clicking on any of the share icons beneath the post.

2016 is still in it’s early days – even though January is almost over – and while we’ll be doing all of this together as a community as A! community, it is important to say that this year, you must learn to DO!

A dream is not useful, if you don’t wake up.

Welcome to 2016, Welcome to the A! Team.

If you’re excited about this year like we are and you truly did miss us, holler back at us by dropping a comment below.

I'm a Christian, MinDeveloper, Thinker, Entrepreneur and a Yarner.


    1. how many times could you say that without coming up with rubbish - it started sounding like mtchdjfheksdhkf after the 5th time for me...smiles... thanks @Doughyeen - its good to also have you back

  1. Welcome back! Something got my attention in the write up above "twice weekly " Na true? 2016 is gonna be awesome with u guys. Can't wait.

  2. yay!!!!,,,u guys are gonna be fined for coming late,,ifedami will be taking care of that,lol am exhilarated really,,love n music continues abi

  3. ha! na wa o, I was beginning to think there was a problem with my browser. anyway, welcome back and happy new year.


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