Happy Birthday Desiblaque -One Yarner who adds colour to the house -Your new age will bring with it fulfilment of dreams.   ** *** ***  //Take Me Home, Brother// She could feel his presence in the room with her. He came because she had no more tears to spare and her initial anger had subsided, only for it to resurface […]


Hello Yarners, trust your week is going very well – We have another fantastic piece by Banjo Sijuade… and if you’ve been with us for a while (welcome to all newbies), you know we only bring you best. Enjoy and drop a feedback. ** *** ***  The funeral started late. Heavy rainfall, coupled with the short timing, could not rob the […]


Playing The Love Game

** *** ***  //A Bad Day//   Austin’s voice woke her up and even before Anu opened the door, she had heard what the problem was. Her stepdaughter was standing outside a house a few streets away. Inside, her father and Emeka were shouting at each other. Anu took the phone from Austin whilst belting her dressing gown strings over […]


Hello Yarners – It’s another beautiful day and it’s just about to get even more beautiful as we present our Thursday feature. A big announcement – our Thursday slots for now will be dedicated to serving you short stories from absolutely brilliant writers whose works we’re sure you’d love. Therefore our running serial, Playing The Love Game will return to the Saturday […]

Love, Music & Dreams =FINALE=

 Ladies and Gentlemen – let me welcome you to the Finale of Love, Music and Dreams – the longest spanning serial that I have written yet – (We started this journey in 2015 and here we are, just closing it up in 2016 -guess what- started this as a bachelor, spanned so long, I had to get married in the […]


Playing The Love Game

  ** *** ***  //A New Day//   “Naija spy agent.” He looked up and saw Emeka hobbling towards him. The grin on his face did not match his speedy gait. “Wetin my phone do you?” He could have tapped on the message and viewed it. Even as his friend reached him and collapsed on the bed, his eyes searching […]

Love, Music & Dreams =The Bridge=

Hello Yarners, it was a birthday fest last week and I’ll like you to please help me appreciate (if you have not done so yet) a super hard-worker, a beautiful mind and a very important member of the A! Team – Olajumoke – on her birthday…(it was actually on Wednesday) – Appreciate you loads partner – keep changing the world […]


Playing The Love Game

I wanted to publish this yesterday, my birthday. Unfortunately, I write at a snail’s pace (Ask Oga Dan). Anyway, since I couldn’t deliver early, I thought I would deliver on time. Have a blessed day. ** *** ***  //One Of Those Days//   Although Bayo held on to her waist whilst the two men descended on Emeka – kicking and […]