No is No
No is No

Hello Yarners – It’s another beautiful day and it’s just about to get even more beautiful as we present our Thursday feature.

A big announcement – our Thursday slots for now will be dedicated to serving you short stories from absolutely brilliant writers whose works we’re sure you’d love. Therefore our running serial, Playing The Love Game will return to the Saturday slot – trust me this next episode is something else – you can’t afford to miss it especially as the series is just about to climax.

Our feature presentation today is from someone who is not new to the house especially if you enjoyed Wages Of Sin, he is someone whose works i absolutely enjoy.

Enjoy ‘No Is No” by Banjo Sijuade.


** *** *** 

“What aspect of ‘no’ didn’t you understand?” she asked in a flat cold voice. They call her the Queen Mother, the leader of the dreaded Black Queens confraternity aka the FuckBitches.

“I didn’t think she meant it, ehn, she was er…she was wet ma,” he answered through quivering lips. He was bound naked and spread-eagled to the bed, surrounded by 6 ladies in black leather pants and sports bra, signature orange scarves tied on their left biceps.

“Oh! So because she was wet, you took that as a sign that she wanted it, right?” she asked rhetorically with an irritated smirk.

“I am sorry ma. I won’t do that again, please forgive me.” This time, he broke into tears, his entire body taut with grief.

“Of course you won’t. But before you give up on your love of toto, I have come to bless you with loads of it. Today, you will fuck yourself till you drop.” She stated calmly, the fire in her voice unmistakable.

The gang cheered; this was the part they loved most.

“Ladies, do your thing.” The Queen Mother said and stepped aside.

IJ, the fair complexioned, 5”10, skinny-as-a-broomstick-with-breasts-the-size-of-hybrid-oranges-and-hips-like-two-footballs-placed-side-by-side queen stepped forward. The helpless man watched her as she stripped and approached the bed.  At the sight of her naked body, he felt his hitherto flaccid penis stir against his will.

“Bastard,” the Queen Mother muttered when he moaned as IJ took him in.

“Enjoy it while it lasts,” she said to herself, “today will be your last.”

6 girls later, his strength level at red, the Queen Mother took his manhood in her hands and cut it off in one swift movement. It would be her gift to Anne, the 100-level lady he had raped, the latest BlackQueen.

The End


Bankole Banjo’s short stories have been featured in a couple of anthologies including the ANA Review (2013), Of Tears and Kisses, a collection of short stories on Naija Stories (2012), A Basket of Tales, a Benue ANA publication (2015) and Tales from the Other Side (2015). He tweets via @banky_writes.





PLAYING THE LOVE GAME by Olajumoke Omisore



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11 thoughts on “NO IS NO

  1. Thanks.
    I know you said short but this is brief.
    11 paragraphs that can squeeze into..........
    Will this short revenge have more?
    Or can you feature two or three short stories?

  2. ewo
    chai....see how lust killed the boy
    girls too sef.... They should know stimuli is at work.
    short n good.

  3. Hi my name is Oluwaseun, I own Amebo Incorporated-an entertainment and lifestyle website. I will LOVE to post one or more of your old stories on my website e.g shades of deceit. You and your team would be given full credit for the story and your contacts will be added too. Please I will like you to think about, if you would like to talk more about this, you can send me a mail or a message on whatsapp 08026921115. I hope to hear from you. Best Regards!


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