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** *** *** 

He fished his phone out of his pocket, glad to have finally secured a seat on the last flight of the day to Abuja.

‘Emeka Amadi… Seat 13E,’ he muttered, reading the words on his ticket quietly to himself before dumping it in the seat pocket in front of him.

He plugged his earphones into his ears as the plane began to taxi, glad to have a seat to rest his head on as the swaying and complaining of the passengers standing on the aisle reminded him that a lot more people were in worse situations than himself.

Na only for Naija naim plane go dey carry passengers like molue, useless airline,‘ a passenger standing on the aisle cursed.

‘If not that I have something important to do in Abuja today, I won’t take this shit,’ another passenger, dressed in a well-tailored suit, complained, slipping his handkerchief back into his jacket pocket as the cabin began to cool. The air-conditioning system of the plane had only just been put on as the plane began to taxi.

He pressed the play button on his music player, effectively drowning out the complaining passengers from his world. In a country run on effective systems, Kira Airlines would have been shut down by now and he would not have been qualified to be on the flight.

‘Should I make a toast for you?’ Kel asked as she stepped into the kitchen. Emeka seemed to be searching for something as his eyes scanned the counter top. He was silent. With his jacket folded over his right arm, he walked towards the fridge, stopping right in front of it.

‘Baby, is anything the matter?’ She asked, as she moved closer to him.

She didn’t feel the usual scent of his perfume as she got close to him but that was the last thing on her mind right now as she wrapped her hands around him from behind – but as has been the norm over the past two days, her hands grasped onto nothing but thin air.

Her eyes scanned the room for her husband whom she had just seen some moments ago, flickering until it rested on the newspaper on the counter top. With shaky hands, she picked up the newspaper and it was the same SATURDAY PUNCH that she had first seen three days ago, brought in by Obinna, her husband’s younger brother. She hoped the headline had changed as her eyes lowered to the large fonts on the front cover.


‘Baby…don’t go,’ she sobbed, her voice breaking with every word as she closed her hands up around her belly. ‘Who will help me care for Jason and Josh?’ She asked no one in particular as tears ran down her cheeks.

‘Where’s the key to the Lexus Jeep?’ Obinna’s voice boomed, disturbing the sanctity of the kitchen.

‘Where are you going to?’ Kel replied, her voice weak, her eyes sad, and her cheeks stained with the wetness of tears.

‘And how is that your business?’ Obinna retorted, his eyes lighting up with rage.

‘No… I.. just wa..wanted you to get something for me,’ Kel stammered, taken by surprise at Obinna’s reaction.

‘Oh! So after killing my son in a plane crash, you want to turn his younger brother into your house-boy abi?’ A female voice interrupted, ‘you want to turn a married man into your house-boy, Kelechi?’ The woman thundered, the black wrapper she tied around her waist threatening to fall off as she advanced menacingly towards Kel. She was in combat mode.

Obinna pulled back his mother, not because he wanted to protect his sister-in-law but because he could see from the spark in Kel’s eyes, a readiness to fight back if approached and he wasn’t ready to get caught up in a cat-fight, at least not when the elephant fight over properties was still to come. There were more important things at the moment than two fighting women and the key to the Lexus Jeep was one of them.


So this is where dead people end up?

Utter darkness.

He tried to peer through the darkness but all he could see was more darkness, no pearly gates and no burning pits, just utter darkness.

His thoughts raced wildly, like the eyes of a seventeen year old boy beholding the nakedness of a woman for the first time, but the picture in his mind was unchanging – his wife and twin boys.

Death had come as a surprise and even though he had not penned down a will, he was glad to have taken his younger brother Obinna into confidence regarding his business. At least he was sure his brother would take Kel through the processes of the business and make sure the company continued to flourish. That way, he knew everyone would be catered for.

It was only sad he would not be around to watch his boys grow and give them the support only a father could. And his wife, Kel, how would she survive this?

He felt the tears roll down his cheek as his thoughts continued to maneuver his mind like a race track. So spirits cry?

And then he heard the voices again, very distant and barely audible. He felt the chill run down his spine, and like a man shot with a dose of insanity, he sprang to his feet and dashed into the darkness.

He heard the rustling of twigs as he stomped past trees to destination unknown. He was not sure if he was headed towards heaven or if his feet were leading him straight to hell, but one thing was certain, he was not ready to remain in purgatory.


Kel couldn’t believe she was asking Obinna for permission for the use of the remaining car in the house after he had confiscated her husband’s Lexus Jeep and her Camry some days ago.

Obinna’s face bore a devious smile as his eyes stole another glance at the mirror to see how much of a fit his brother’s shirt was on him. He couldn’t help but be amazed at how tradition had managed to tame the lioness that his brother had called a wife. Where she normally would have shouted, he watched as she spoke with entreaty.

‘Does the driver need to take them to the end of year party? If you say Stella will accompany them, then I suggest they use a taxi cos’ the driver is taking me to the meeting with the airline people,’ he said matter of factly as he continued ransacking his brother’s study.

Kel watched her brother-in-law as he violated what used to be her husband’s altar, searching for documents that he didn’t know how they came about. She despised him but she had become too weak to fight, her newly shaved head showed the picture of a woman who had been subdued. She cursed her parents for insisting that she obey tradition, endure and remain in her husband’s house, if only to prove that she had no hands in his death. But how could she have caused a plane crash?


It was Josh from the sitting room.

‘Your children are getting just as mad as you, they’ve started seeing things too,’ Obinna said, his eyes still focused on the files on the shelf.

It was the exact thought that had crossed her mind.


Kel turned to leave the room and just as suddenly, she stopped in her tracks. Standing by the door with Josh and Jason cradled in his arms was her husband, Emeka Amadi.

Obinna felt an eerie silence in the room, but he knew he was not alone. ‘Has the madness worsen…,’ the words stuck in his throat as he turned around to catch the image of his elder brother standing at the entrance and cradling his sons.

He tried to hold it back but it was too late as he felt the warm liquid run down his thighs. He was peeing on himself.


Emeka’s eyes popped open as his wife handed him newspapers whose front pages were splattered with images of a crashed aircraft, with his name spelt out as passenger 13 on the flight manifest.

He saw the burning questions in her eyes but wondered how many words it would take to tell her about his cancelled Abuja appointment, his resold flight ticket, his hypnosis and kidnap by ritualists and then his escape from the jungles of Isase.

These were tales from his side but right now he needed to hear tales from the other side. Like why his wife was bald or why his brother peed on his pants and ran out of the house instead of welcoming him?

As he gazed into his wife’s eyes, he was certain the tale would be very interesting.


The End






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11 thoughts on “PASSENGER 13E

  1. How I wish some dead people dey come back somehow to see how some of their people dey suffer cos of their assumed demise.
    Obinna and his mama go hear am from Emeka.
    What a cruel tradition and treatment of widows.

    1. @Ihunanya it's been quiet an age - it's great to have you back in the house - thanks for stopping by - and yes - it's such a cruel tradition but the irony is that 'We' give tradition the power it wields.

  2. he was a man enough to maltreat his supposed dead brother family but not enough to face him and talk man to man.....lwkmd

  3. Welcome team for a great first half of the year, you deserve the rest so u will all come back refresh, serves obinna and the mother right, wish our Africa culture will be more merciful on widows


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