The Voice She Heard

Bibi - the voice she heard
Bibi – the voice she heard

Hello Yarners, I trust we had a lovely week? we’re counting down to to our Christmas Special, “12 Days Of Christmas” and I can’t believe we’re only 5 days away, Thursday, 15th December, 2016. (Click HERE if you missed the announcement).

The Team is raring to go and I know you’re all set too – this is why we’re bringing you something from one of the chefs of “12 Days Of Christmas”, Kwiksie Ifediora -She’s bahd in a good way-  it’s her debut on here so it be will be nice to give her an AideYarn! welcome.


I sat in my faded pink chair playing with Bibi, the scissors I had stolen from mommy’s dresser lying nearby. I had just cut Bibi’s long beautiful black hair. Why? Because I was in mourning. I had seen on TV that some people shaved off their hair too when mourning. I was sad because I was dying and there was no one who believed me. Not the lady at Sunday school who called me evil, not my class teacher who called me corrupt. Not anyone. Bibi agreed to us cutting her hair because last time mommy had hit me for cutting mine.

I stopped stroking Bibi’s now bristly head and listened. They were back, Mommy and… him. I shivered, scared to my panties, but Bibi’s face was calm. She had on the most relaxed soft smile – as though there wasn’t a reason to be afraid. I swallowed and shut my eyes, inhaling deeply. If Bibi said to stay calm, I’d be calm.

As they came upstairs I quickly grabbed the headphones Bibi had told me to take the last time we went shopping. Those headphones saved me from the nasty sounds from him as he hurt my mommy. I cared about her, although I hated her too. I hated him most but all the hate bullets from my brain couldn’t make him go no matter how hard I shot. I willed and hoped my hardest but he never got hit, so I’d end up wishing someone would be nice enough to shoot me instead whenever he touched me.

Suddenly I heard something. It was Bibi, speaking through the headphones. She had only spoken to me a few times ever, but this time was different. She sounded…mean. She said he’d try to hurt me again that night and I started sobbing at the mere thought, terrified. But Bibi hushed me and said to stop. She said I wouldn’t let him. I stared. How would I ever stop him? He was so much bigger than me, so much stronger…

My eyes slowly strayed to the scissors beside us on the floor. Bibi gently reminded me that it hadn’t been dulled with any other use beyond her haircut and I understood instantly. But then…would I be strong enough?

Just then a loud scream came from mommy’s room. My eyes narrowed and I forgot about crying. Of course I’d be strong enough. Plus, Bibi would be nearby. Soon, I had her exact same soft smile on my face as I slowly stroked her head again, waiting for my turn…


The End









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22 thoughts on “The Voice She Heard

  1. This is very 'deep' . she said so much in very few words. Please after new year you can write more on this because this little piece is attention grabbing. Okay onto jumoke, hope we will get episode 13

    1. Thanks Mammy. I'm working on fleshing it up...but I don't know that it'll be ready by new year...sorry. #coverseyes. Thank you for reading though. I'd totally love to know what meaning you derived from it. 😊

      1. Sorry for the late reply, I have had a hectic week.. So I think both mother and daughter are being abused by the same man who may or may not be the girl's dad. The mother's abuse looks physical while the daughter's may be physical or even sexual. Ah! The torture some people live as lives. Have a splendid day

    1. Deep...Deep...Deep is the buzzword for today -nice. @Chinny thanks for dropping by and so you'd know, Kwiksie is a part of the Team now and would be featuring in the 12 days Of Christmas. Don't miss it! Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Would be swell to know what some of those imaginings comprised of Tbone. 😉 Thank you for reading.

  2. Thanks kwiksie, welcome to the Aideyarn family.
    We like continuations, series, episodes.
    Hope to read more during our 12 days countdown and in future.


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