Say You Will Stay

Say You Will Stay will be back tomorrow night.  Very late though. Please check in Monday morning if you can’t wait up. I’m so sorry I’m just letting you know now. I haven’t had internet access all day. I’m struggling to keep up with the Saturdays at the moment. As some of you know, everything is a bit hectic at the moment. I’m sorry this has impacted on our scheduling. We strive to keep to the Saturday posting time and we are working towards this. We have new series coming up. Say You Will Stay will continue for now. Thanks for your patience. Have a fab weekend.


2 thoughts on “Say You Will Stay

  1. Aww jummy it's ok! We appreciate the effort and we completely understand please don't feel so bad anything the story come we go still read am.. me sef I am so busy I don't read every Saturday but it's okay Hun! We love you!! 💕💞😘


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