Say You Will Stay

Hi, hope your weekend is going fine?

I’m working this weekend again and I don’t want to keep people waiting like I did last weekend. So, please let’s leave this episode until next Saturday. It will be ready then and it will of course, be longer. Super long.

For people that have commented about recent episodes not being long, that’s true. I haven’t written long episodes (those ones that are around 5,000 words) in a couple of weeks because like I have mentioned recently, it’s been a bit hectic lately.

I’m writing but I also need time to put things together and edit properly. Things will be back to normal hopefully on Saturday and if even they are not (schedule wise for me), there will still be an episode on here for you.

Thank you so much to all the people that have been leaving comments. We really appreciate. I can’t say that enough.

I don’t want to moan but the views lately has been fantastic. Top of the chart, really. Traffic is great. People are reading day and night.

The low comments however … makes me not wanna post because the percentage of comments and views does not make sense. The stats says people are reading. They are just not commenting.

I once had an idea of making the final post only accessible to people who have made a few comments on the series. Daniel was able to get me to back down (he is nice like that). But I’m tempted again.

I know sometimes, I have to choose writing the series over rest, food, sleep and spending time with loved ones. Even after a hard day at work. And seeing as all we ask for are comments, not money or people subscribing, I guess I didn’t think we were asking for too much.

Anyway, over to you. What do you suggest?

Thanks again to everyone commenting. Have a lovely weekend.



19 thoughts on “Say You Will Stay

  1. Jumoke, I was dancing o. Well , the comments stuff, I was angry. Yes, angry o. Idriss was annoying, so annoying. Anu, fighting for someone who is not fighting for her. Why ? I love u sha.

  2. Aww, love you too.
    I know people who leave comments. You are one of them. I see you on here every time, thank you.
    And it doesn't matter what the comments are, we really appreciate them. Even one liners or angry outbursts, lol.
    We wouldn't be here without the people who support us.
    So, thank you. That's from the heart to you.
    And to every one that leaves comments. Even if it's once a month, it is still something.

  3. Ooooooh jumoke , u have started o see how l rushed to open my mail only to find complain. But l comment now isn't my own enough

    1. I see your comments, Gorgeous. And we appreciate them. You inspire us, you do. But we just want the silent ones to post a smiley face or a Lol now and again. But you will still be our gorgeous x

  4. Well done Olajumoke. We will wait for you Biko take your time, we shall be here. Meanwhile I miss you on Moskedapages o.

  5. Hello Jumoke, I followed you hear from moskedapages. I have to read all the previous post overnight, can't wait till next saturday.
    Nice work, more grace.
    What is happening to our "Girls"?

    1. Simplygold, it's so nice to see your comment. Thank you.
      Girls will be back shortly, I just got very busy.
      I'm so sorry about the wait. Won't be long now.

  6. I'll just have to pull up my socks ni. We can't have you feeling discouraged.
    Looking forward to Saturday's episode. Thanks again for keeping us entertained despite your hectic schedule.
    And broda Daniel thank you so much for advocating on behalf of the silent readers. I for one will try to repent and forsake that life.

    1. I wouldn't call you a silent reader at all, lol. We see all your comments, darling.
      Silent readers are the ones who don't comment.
      Thank you for this anyway.
      Have a fabulous week.

  7. Jumoke, happy mother's day to you. Daniel, tell your iyawo, happy mother's day to her too. And to all mummies and aspiring mothers, I wish you a wonderful day.

  8. I read plenty books online and I am also guilty of not commenting,never thought those comments mattered.ok,promise to henceforth. Good job,excellent actually


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