Say You Will Stay

Say You Will Stay will be back at some point during this long weekend. I tried to put this announcement on earlier but my laptop was having none of it. Thanks to all those that commented recently, we appreciate. To those that volunteered to read the work that needs previewing, thanks, I will be in touch.

Say You Will Stay will be coming to an end soon. There will be two episodes (this week and next week) then a short break. This is because, I will need more time to write the concluding parts and I don’t want to rush it because of my busy schedule. I would rather not post than put something on that is not ready. So, please expect that the concluding parts will not be ready for a little while. I will let you know next weekend when to expect those last episodes. Thanks.

Have a lovely weekend.


6 thoughts on “Say You Will Stay

  1. Jumoke so sorry about the laptop. Hope it will be better soon. How is work and family? Take care, we will be waiting. Xoxo

    1. Happy birthday to you Jumoke. Have a wonderful day. May God bless you and your family. We celebrate you today.

  2. This syws has become like the topping on an ice cream cone to my weekend. Thanks for this but am getting tired of idris's selfishness


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