Happy New Month Yarners

Hello Yarners, It’s a new month of June and all of us at AideYarn! would like to say a Happy New Month to you guys and pray that this month will bring to you the firstfruits of new blessings in 2017.


It’s been like an age since I last stood on this stage with the mic in my hands and I really I’m not so sure how this is done anymore  -well…when you have someone as reliable as Olajumoke, there are somethings that you don’t worry about. She has been doing a great job keeping the blog running… and this is part of the reason for this special new month post.

AideYarn! will be going on break for a month – and this is so the Team can relax and freshen up… Jumoke particularly needs the rest as she has been overworking herself lately… especially with the added hours she’s had to do at work -meaning new episodes of “Say You will Stay” will be missing on the blog for a while – Please do bear with us. And I know you’re thinking, If Jumoke is tired, what are you doing?

*Pointing to self* – You mean me? Daddy Baby? *IyaSikiru’sVoice*

And this is the part where you say – “Yes you – what are you doing?”

I’m On Paternity Leave! -scratch that- Kpaternity Leave!

Damn! Our parents really tried for us – raising a child is not child’s play.

Omo – to get sleep at nights has become – – – – (fill in the blanks).

This post is me coming to say “Happy New Month Yarners… we’re going on a month’s break…blablabla…” and here I am telling you about my life history… and there you are… the amebor that I know you to be, with your eyes wide open, gobbling every word up – *smiles* – don’t mind me guys, I’ve missed you guys too much and I’m going to miss you a little bit more – just trust us to come back good.

Jumoke broke the news about the birth of my little girl… I thought to share with you that her name is “Sanaa” -A Work Of Beauty- and “Imose” – Beauty… eerm… I might be tempted to do a diary of this time in my life when we come back from brake -sorry breake  uurgh… I’m sleep typing…. when we come back from –


Baby duties…

Sanaa calls.

See you guys later.

The A!Team loves you.

Bye and do have a beautiful June -the universally acclaimed best month for weddings-


5 thoughts on “Happy New Month Yarners

  1. Wow, will miss you guys. Jumoke take care of yourself. Daniel, better gear up o. Sanaa is a good baby jor, stop miss yarning jor.😁 On a serious note, take care of yourself and madam. Congrats once again. I will be waiting.


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