Something New

Hello Yarners…

It’s been quite a while, such a long break if I must say so myself – but the beautiful part is we’re here now and we hope to make 2018 a splendid year together.

I know you know like I know, that I wasn’t going to just reappear without some major gist and –

It’s a project that a lot of hours and money has been invested in solely for your enjoyment and it is something that I can guarantee that you’ll love because we plan to –

It’s a collaboration with TNC and it’s a revolution on how we would consume stories going forward.

Happy New Year Yarners and looking forward to Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018, when the revolution would be in top gear.

Have a beautiful weekend as we start off this beautiful journey called 2018 together.

I'm a Christian, MinDeveloper, Thinker, Entrepreneur and a Yarner.


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