Happy New Month Yarners

Hello Yarners, It’s a new month of June and all of us at AideYarn! would like to say a Happy New Month to you guys and pray that this month will bring to you the firstfruits of new blessings in 2017. #ClearsThroat It’s been like an age since I last stood on this stage with the mic in my hands […]


Tales from the other side

The first thing IĀ felt when I was asked to be part of the Tales From the Other Side Anthology alongside Daniel and thirteen other writers was sheer horror. You see, I’m not one of those writers that work fine when the word ‘deadline’ is being thrown about. This is why I don’t do workshops. Daniel and a few other writers […]


The Ebola Virus Okay I agree, it’s the e- era and everything is going on e- format, from e-payment to e-transfer and now to e-bola, everything, truly is going on the e-platform. This is the point. Patrick Sawyerr has become quite a popular figure in the last two weeks in Nigeria and that popularity cuts across both relational and business […]

The 'BED-ROOM FLAT' Generation

Its a beautiful feeling hearing the sweet shrieks of playful children as they run around the sitting room. I was immersed in this sweetness as I watched my nieces run around with so much energy when it dawned on me that something was wrong. Like gas molecules they just seemed to be zapping around inside a container, they had so […]